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City Urges Watering of Young Trees

City Urges Watering of Young Trees

June 22, 2021

The City of Cedar Rapids urges residents to water young trees due to drought conditions. More than 230 new right-of-way trees have been planted this spring and early summer in conjunction with the Growing Futures program. In addition, approximately 6,000 trees were planted privately through adoption programs since August. Trees five years and younger are especially susceptible to dry conditions and need five to ten gallons of water every week.

The City asks for residents help in watering new trees. If a street tree has a green water bag on it, it can be filled by placing a hose in the smaller opening at the top of the bag. If water comes out the bottom, the hose is not in the correct hole. Trees without watering bags can be watered by taking a five-gallon bucket, drilling a 1/8 inch hole at the bottom and very-loosely tying the bucket to the white tree guard or the base of the tree. Place the bucket so the hole is facing the trunk and fill it with water one to two times a week. The City also recommends spreading a layer of mulch under the tree canopy but one inch from the truck of the tree.

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