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City Services Directory

Department Name City Service Email Phone
City Clerk's Office City Clerk licenses and permits for taxicabs, food trucks, alcohol, cigarettes, etc clerklicensing@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5060
Animal Care & Control Animals AnimalControlMgmt@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5993
City Assessor's Office Assessed values cityassessor@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5888
Parks & Recreation Ball fields recreation@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5566
Water Division Bid opportunities for utilities projects watermail@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5950
Purchasing Services Division Bid/proposal opportunities for equipment, products & services d.muench@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5023
Building Services Construction permits and inspections BSD-Admin@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5831
CR Transit Division City bus service crtransit@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5573
Civil Rights Commission Discrimination complaints civilrights@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5036
Community Development Planning and Housing development@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5041
City Manager's Office Event planning request citymanager@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5080
Fire Department Fire safety education CRFire@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5166
Fire Department Fire safety inspections mollyk@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5166
Solid Waste & Recycling Division Garbage, recycling and yard waste collection Solid-Waste-Recycling@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5897
Parks & Recreation Golf courses & tee times l.grekoff@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5588
City Assessor's Office Homestead & military credits cityassessor@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5888
Housing Services Division Housing assistance programs (Section 8, leased housing, rehab) development@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5872
Building Services Rental housing inspections shannond@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5197
City Manager's Office Information citymanager@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5080
Solid Waste & Recycling Division Junk & debris on private property Solid-Waste-Recycling@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5838
Development Services Land Development DevelopmentServices@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5780
Cedar Rapids Public Library Library http://www.crlibrary.org/contact-us 319-398-5123
Information Technology Help Desk, IT Infrastructure, GIS Mapping, Enterprise Applications ITCRM@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5570
Park Cedar Rapids Parking contactus@parkcedarrapids.com 319-365-7275
Parks & Recreation Parks & pavilions recreation@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5566
Public Works: Street Maintenance Division Potholes, street repair/snow removal street@cedar-rapids.org 286-5826
City Clerk's Office Records requests cityclerk@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5060
Parks & Recreation Recreation programs recreation@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5566
Housing Services Division Rent assistance & leased housing development@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5872
Public Works: Sewer Maintenance Division Sewer backup or problem sewer@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5815
Public Works: Engineering Division Sidewalk repair sidewalks@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5778
Police Department Signs in right of way j.novak@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5378
Public Works: Stormwater Program Stormwater Hotline sewer@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5815
Parks & Recreation Swimming pools recreation@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5566
Civil Rights Commission Tenant complaints civilrights@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5036
Public Works: Traffic Division Traffic signals, street/traffic signs, street lighting traffic@cedar-rapids.org 286-5176
Forestry Trees on public right of way forestry@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5747
Parks & Recreation Ushers Ferry Historic Village recreation@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5566
Water Division Utility billing watermail@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5900
Solid Waste & Recycling Division Grass and weeds overgrown Solid-Waste-Recycling@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5897
Development Services Zoning codes and inspections Zoning@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5836
City Clerk's Office City Boards and Commissions city-clerk@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5060
Water Polllution Control Wastewater Treatment WPCMail@cedar-rapids.org (319) 286-5286
Public Works: Real Estate Division Real Estate realestate@cedar-rapids.org (319) 286-5757
Parks & Recreation NW Recreation Center recreation@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5566
Treasury Operations Division Pay Bill TSpecialist@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5003
Accounts Payable Payment of Invoices accountspayable@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5006
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