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The City of Cedar Rapids is pursuing sustainability. Sustainability means meeting our needs today without preventing future generations from meeting their needs. Putting that into action, we will work to make decisions that maximize economic, social, and environmental health.

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Storm Drain Art
The City joins Iowa BIG and the Downtown District to recruit artists to paint 7 storm drains downtown.  The goal is to add beauty downtown and educate the public that what goes in the storm drains goes straight to the river.   

TOUR Water Pollution Control on April 27 from 10am-noon! - Sign-up here!
Learn how 50 million gallons of waste water from industry and homes is treated daily and put back in the Cedar cleaner than the river.  We are seeking 10 City staff and 10 community members (high school age and above) to see this complex operation, understand its importance and challenges, and meet the people that run it.  You'll receive a Green Gift Basket at the end (countertop compost bucket, 2 LED light bulbs, 2 travel eating utensils, and a drawstring bag). 

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a clean energy source that businesses and residents in Cedar Rapids continue to explore and install. Learn here how this renewable energy is powering several City facilities. Find out if it’s an option that may work for you.

The Sustainability Tool for Assessing and Rating Communities (STAR)
STAR is the national framework for measuring community sustainability. STAR is currently being used to benchmark the city's sustainability performance, create common and transparent metrics, and inform the first municipal sustainability plan.

Take Action! Energy, Water, and Waste Reduction
An open house to learn from the area's leading energy, water, and waste conservation experts, join us on January 29th anytime from 3-6pm in the Downtown Library.  This is family-friendly.  Walk away with free (limited supply) LED light bulbs, a countertop compost bucket, and a Tiny Trash.

Sustainable City Talks
Engaging presentations and Q&As to help educate employees and our citizens concerning what the science says about sustainability and how area businesses are incorporating sustainable practices and values into their organizations.

Sustainability at Work
Green purchasing, zero-waste programs, idling reduction policies, and more. See how the City is leading by example and encouraging our employees to be more sustainable in their day-to-day work lives.

State of Affairs Report
This foundational document is intended to build a common language and understanding about the challenges (there are many), opportunities (many more), and options in front of us. It’s a scan of what’s out there and what’s possible as we embark on this journey.

Everyone can be a part of the iGreenCR team as we all work together to create a more sustainable and greener community.  

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