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  • Solar Energy
    Learn how this clean energy source is powering several City facilities and find resources for home and business owners to pursue clean energy.

  • Water Conservation Rebates

    GreenCR encourages water customers to implement cost-saving, water-efficient measures on their properties. Learn about rebate programs offered by the City.

  • Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) Cost-Share Program
    Save up to $2,000 dollars or 50% of eligible project costs for the installation of stormwater BMPs on your residential or commercial property. Learn about which projects qualify and how to apply.
  • Recycling Simplified
    Get more out of your recycling by knowing what you can throw and how to sort! Did you know a single contaminated item could ruin an entire truck full of recyclable materials? Learn more from Republic Services, the City's recycling sorting partner.

  • Learn How to Divert Compost
    Get more out of your yard waste cart by learning what types of food scraps can be composted in your YARDY cart. Sending dry food waste to the compost facility saves room in your GARBY cart and keeps reclaimable materials from getting stuck in the landfill for centuries.

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  • Native Flowers & Grasses
    You've heard that monarchs need milkweed. Did you know that all bees and butterflies native to our region depend upon specific native plants for their reproduction cycles? If you plant native species, you're supporting our precious local ecosystems. If you haven't been, there's still time to start this spring! Here are some helpful resources:

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  • Neighborhood Finance Corporation
    NFC provides purchase, refinance, and home improvement loans to property owners. The program is location-based, not income-based. Residents or future homeowners in the lending area could qualify for up to a $10,000 forgivable loan!

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  • City Careers in Sustainability
    Learn how nine City employees facilitate sustainability within their unique work areas. Resource conservation is something we all do at the City. For students or others interested in making sustainability work a part of their careers, this resource is a great way to learn how City employees embrace sustainability as a fundamental component of their work.
  • Municipal Volunteer Program
    Volunteering not only promotes community member involvement and strengthens community cohesion; it is a way to improve one's life, health, and happiness. Whether you want to cuddle furry friends or coach a youth sports team, the MVP program makes it easier than ever to get involved with your city!


  • City Sustainability Document Center

  • Sustainability Map 
    Sustainability is not always easy to see, so we made a map that helps visualize sustainability features within our community. Pro tip: The fruit trees are on City property — and you can eat the produce!

  • Sustainable City Talks
    In 2016–17, Cedar Rapids held a three-part educational series to help educate the community on sustainability science and local leadership. Here you can review the information presented.

  • Storm Drain Mural Project
    Storm drain murals contribute to downtown vibrancy while conveying an important message — "only rain belongs in storm drains!"  Artists have been painting drains in downtown Cedar Rapids over the course of several summers. View the finished murals here.
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