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Customer Service
Water Administration Building
1111 Shaver Rd. NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Phone: 319-286-5900
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Water Division Issues Guidance for Reopening Buildings After Extended COVID-19 Closures

While Coronavirus has not been proven to be transmitted through water systems, due to efforts to stop the spread of COVID19, the extended closures and low occupancy in many businesses and buildings may have compromised the quality of water within these structures. Reentering and using water within these businesses will require some steps to restore normal high water quality. During periods of stagnation and low use, water and moist environments can naturally promote bacterial growth, creating potential health risks.

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Clean. Safe. Great tasting.

The Cedar Rapids Water Division continuously works to provide the best quality drinking water and service to our customers.

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The City of Cedar Rapids has partnered with Municipal Collections of America (MCOA) to collect payment on past-due billings. Account holders with uncollected debt may have received a notice letter from MCOA providing payment options. If you have any questions, please work with MCOA by calling 1-877-751-7115 on Monday–Friday, 9 AM–5:30 PM.

Be In-the-Know on H2O!

Backflow Prevention
Preventing backflow is an important part of protecting water quality.

Our Treatment Process
Water is thoroughly treated before it reaches your home.

Water Engineering
Engineers work with contractors to install and update our water infrastructure.

Water Quality
We work around the clock to bring you the Best Tasting Water in Iowa every day.

Outages/Main Breaks
What should you do if you see water bubbling in the street?

In the Home
What to do if you have low water pressure and how to check for leaks. 

Answers to your questions about your drinking water and other city services.

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