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Solar Energy

Solar energy is a clean energy source that businesses and residents in Cedar Rapids continue to explore and install. Learn here how this renewable energy is working for the City and may work for you:

Iowa's first Solar Group Buy 

The City partnered in the state’s first Solar Group Buy from June-September 2017. 105 homes took advantage of the bulk purchase program, installing 605kW of solar in total.

SolSmart recognition

We are currently pursuing national recognition as a SolSmart community, which demonstrates the City’s commitment to make solar an easy option for those that are interested.  To begin that process, City Council passed a resolution to become a "solar ready" community.  Cedar Rapids Solar Ready Resolution

Permitting and inspection:

The City streamlined the Solar Permit Application process. Click here to view a Solar Submittal Requirements Checklist and a Solar Permit Application (for ground or roof mount).

City solar projects:

The City uses solar power at four of its facilities, totaling over 200kW and saving over $10k every year. These are finances using a Power Purchase Agreement, which requires no upfront capital cost. They are paid for over time by paying for the solar energy they produce.

The four sites and size of installations are:

 Location  Size (DC) Est. Production 
 NW Transit Garage  90.72kW  117,000kWh/Yr 
 Chandler St Booster Station  103.04kW  118,442kWh/Yr 
 Glass Rd Booster Station  32.0kW  38,520kWh/Yr
 Oklahoma Ave Booster Station  35.28kW  40,327kWh/Yr
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