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It is the policy of the Corridor MPO to fully comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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The following documents have been published by the Corridor MPO. Click on each publication link below for a description of the document.

Long Range Transportation Plan

The LRTP is the federally required long-range (20+ year) strategy and capital improvement program developed to guide the effective investment of public funds in multimodal transportation facilities for the metropolitan planning organization area. The LRTP outlines the Vision and Fiscally Constrained Plans from which the region's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), a short-range capital improvement program for implementing road, trail, and transit projects, is drawn.

Current LRTP:
Fiscally Constrained Plans (Current as of 12/15/2022):

Previous LRTPs:

Transportation Improvement Program

The TIP is a four-year capital improvement program for all federally funded road, transit, and trail projects in the metropolitan area. TIP projects come from the Fiscally Constrained Plan within the Corridor MPO's Long Range Transportation Plan. Requests for funding are submitted annually by member jurisdictions and must be approved by the MPO. The funding is an 80/20 (federal/local) reimbursement program that is available in October, the beginning of the federal fiscal year (FFY) of the previous year it is programmed. The TIP is a living document that is subject to revisions and amendments throughout the year. These changes are typically due to changes in funding or project timelines.

Documents by Year:

Transportation Planning Work Program

This Transportation Planning Work Program (TPWP) is a regional planning program, developed for the Corridor MPO planning area and the annual operating budget for the organization. The TPWP documents the various supportive and functional planning activities carried on by the MPO, Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and other state and federal agencies. The TPWP provides work descriptions, agency responsibilities, products, costs, and sources of funding. Federal and state agencies use the TPWP as a basis for monitoring and evaluating the status and progress of regional planning, the effectiveness of the planning program in addressing key issues and problems, and as an aid in allocating federal planning funds.

Documents by Year:

Passenger Transportation Plan

The Passenger Transportation Plan (PTP) provides needs-based justification for passenger transportation projects, while incorporating federal requirements for coordinated planning. The PTP serves as a resource on the existing transportation system in the Corridor MPO planning area and is designed to promote joint, coordinated passenger transportation planning to further develop the local and regional public transit systems.

Documents by Year:

Public Participation Plan

The Public Participation Plan (PPP) defines a process for providing interested parties with reasonable opportunities to be involved in the metropolitan transportation planning process. While there is no specific period in which a public participation plan is required to be updated, the Iowa DOT recommends updating the plan prior to starting or updating the LRTP.

Documents by Year:

Other Plans and Documents

The Corridor MPO conducts and assists with many different regional studies, plans, etc.  When doing so, the Corridor MPO is actively working on creating smarter transportation for a better community.

Planning Documents:


The following maps have been published by the Corridor MPO:

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