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Updating the Zoning Code

Why Rezone? 
In 2015, the City updated its 15-year old comprehensive plan, using extensive community feedback. It's important that the City’s zoning code aligns and supports the direction of this new comprehensive plan.  The new plan will also be modernized, simplified, and flexible: 

  • MODERNIZE: The new zoning code will enhance the experience of users by incorporating a user's guide and more graphics and user-friendly tables.
  • SIMPLIFY: The City is exploring how the zoning code could improve the review and approval process for development proposals. The goal is to simplify the process for quality development.
  • FLEXIBILITY: The new code will address the diversity of Iowa’s second largest city by embracing its uniqueness and providing options that accommodate the city’s urban, suburban, and commercial areas.

What is Zoning?

Zoning provides the rules for how land can be used and developed. It outlines what structures can be built and where, how they will be used, and influences how they'll look.

Curious what your property is zoned? Check out the City Assessor Parcel Viewer.

Zoning 101 Video

Cedar Rapids currently uses a traditional zoning code, which encourages the separation of various land uses such as residential, commercial, and industrial. Moving forward, the City is exploring transitioning parts of the community to what is called a "form-based zoning code," which addresses the relationship between buildings and the street. Supporting the unique characteristics of a neighborhood is a key pillar of a form-based code, which focuses on several elements of public space:

  • Form and size of buildings
  • Space between the street and front of buildings
  • Attractiveness of a neighborhood
  • Street networks and access
  • Room for cars, bicyclists, pedestrians

Public Input
The City continues to seek public feedback on a variety of community issues that are shaped by zoning codes. Please take a moment and share your input: TAKE THE SURVEY (survey will close December 31, 2017). 

Previous Open House Material 

October 17, 2017 open house "issues" boards:

May 2, 2017 open house "issues" boards:

June 29, 2016:

Visual Preference Survey Results:
The survey results outline which images ranked the highest (top 5) and lowest (bottom 5) . 

ReZone Cedar Rapids Steering Committee
The City Council appointed a Steering Committee that consists of a group of stakeholders representing a variety of interests to provide input and recommendations throughout the ReZone Cedar Rapids process. The group includes planners, environmentalists, developers, preservationists, architects, and others.

 Additional Documents and Reports:


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