Planning Services - (319) 286-5041

Housing Services - (319) 286-5872 (main)
                               (319) 286-5870 (fax)

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Planning Services Jennifer Pratt Director of Community Development 3192865047
Planning Services Bill Micheel Assistant Director of Community Development 3192865045
Planning Services Adam Lindenlaub Planner III 3192865064
Planning Services Anne Russett Planner III 3192865075
Planning Services Caleb Mason Economic Development Analyst 3192865188
Planning Services Seth Gunnerson Planner II 3192865129
Planning Services Jeff Hintz Planner II 3192865781
Planning Services Ivan Gonzalez Planner I 3192865428
Planning Services Support Staff Anne Kroll Administrative Assistant II 319​2865331
Housing Programs Paula Mitchell Housing and Redevelopment Manager 319​2865852
Housing Programs Jennifer Barten Home Ownership Program Coordinator​ 3192865874
Housing Programs Erika Kubly Housing Redevelopment Analyst 3192865406
Housing Programs Amanda Rabey Compliance Monitoring Specialist 3192865810
Housing Programs Chrystal Shaver CD Programs Specialist 3192865182
Housing Programs Ali Suntken ​Housing Programs Specialist 3192865893
Housing Programs Leland Hoeger Housing Rehabilitation Specialist 3192865179
Housing Programs Alyssa Williams Housing & Healthy Homes Specialist 3192865998
Section 8 and Family Self-Sufficiency Sara Buck Housing Programs Manager 3192865192
Section 8 and Family Self-Sufficiency Pam Ammeter Leased Housing Specialist​ 3192865237
Section 8 and Family Self-Sufficiency Marie Anderson ​Leased Housing Specialist 3192865189
Section 8 and Family Self-Sufficiency Jim Borschel Leased Housing Specialist​ 3192865181
Section 8 and Family Self-Sufficiency Pam Mosbaugh Leased Housing Specialist​ 3192865195
Section 8 and Family Self-Sufficiency Laura Shaw Leased Housing Specialist​ 3192865184
Housing Services Support Staff Lonique Scott Administrative Assistant II 3192865193
Housing Services Support Staff Amanda Lehman Administrative Assistant II 3192865159
Section 8 and Family Self-Sufficiency Lakeshia Hayward Leased Housing Specialist​ 3192865183
Planning Services Support Staff Rita Packingham Administrative Assistant II 3192865137
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