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Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC)

 The Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC) is an Advisory Committee of the Corridor MPO that reports directly to the Corridor MPO Policy Board. TTAC members are appointed by the Chair of the Corridor MPO upon recommendation by a member jurisdiction or by office. Each member is appointed based on the technical ability needed to perform transportation planning activities of the Corridor MPO.

The TTAC is responsible for:

  • Reviewing issues related to the transportation system and making recommendations to the Policy Board.
  • Recommending transportation related studies.
  • Reviewing transportation studies within the Corridor MPO planning boundary and making recommendations to the Policy Board and other agencies.
  • Providing technical support in the preparation of the long-range transportation plan and recommending its adoption by the Policy Board.
  • Reviewing projects for the TIP and recommending projects to the Policy Board.
  • Advising the Policy Board on technical matters.

Meets the first Thursday of every month at 2:00 pm unless there are no items to support an agenda.

Location: The basement Training Room at Cedar Rapids City Hall, 101 1st St SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

**All Board and Committee meetings are open to the public and can be viewed live on our Facebook page

 Member  Jurisdiction Email  Phone
 Seth Gunnerson, Chair    Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5041
 Brenna Fall, Vice Chair  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5802
 Nate Kampman  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5802
 Ron Griffith  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5802
 Steve Hershner  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5900
 Steve Krug  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5566
 Jason Middlekauff  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5573
 Matt Myers  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5802
 Doug Wilson  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5802
 John Witt  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5802
 Scott Pottorff  Ely  (319) 351-8282 
 Shane Wicks  Fairfax  (319) 362-9548
 Dick Ransom  Hiawatha  (319) 362-9548
 Brad Ketels  Linn County  (319) 892-6404
 Randy Burke  Linn County Conservation  (319) 892-6456
 Tom Peffer  Linn County Trails Association  (319) 551-4732
 Mike Barkalow  Marion  (319) 743-6340
 Kesha Billings  Marion  (319) 743-6320
 Jon Bogert  Palo  (319) 377-4629
 Kelli Scott  Robins  (888) 964-2020
 Cathy Cutler (non-voting)  Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT)  (319) 364-0235
 Darla Hugaboom (non-voting)  Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)  (515) 233-7305
 Eva Steinman (non-voting)  Federal Transit Administration (FTA)  (816) 329-3931


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