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Tree Inspections

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Inspection Process

Certified arborists, working in cooperation with City staff, are performing assessments of right-of-way trees and will identify public trees that may need pruning or removal. While it is the goal to keep as many trees as possible, there are many trees that are still standing that may be structurally unsound. Trees that have lost a large portion of their center crown or trees with split trunks are examples of  trees that will have to be removed out of concern for safety. 

Following the assessment, an orange tag will be stapled to the tree if it will be removed at a later date. Trees marked with an orange or yellow X will be removed. An X with a circle around it indicates the tree has been re-assed and it will not be cut down. Trees not needing major trimming or removal will not be tagged. As removal crews move through the city, trees are being re-evaluated. Therefore, a change in status may occur with trees adjacent to your residence if the assessment changes. If you have concerns about the assessment, contact the City at forestry@cedar-rapids.org. 

Trees that have hazards that hang over sidewalks will be trimmed to remove the hazards from the trees. Some trees may be on private property but if a hazardous limb from that tree hangs over the sidewalk or street, it will be marked for pruning to remove the hazard.

Crews will work on pruning and tree removals as assessments in sections of the city are completed. A map showing where assessments and public tree work is pending or underway may be viewed below. All tree debris from trimming and removals will be placed along the curb for pick up during the next debris sweep of each street. 

The City values our trees and it is our intent to save as many as possible. We examine City injured trees for the type and extent of damage before considering removing them. Even though a tree may have branches left, the structural integrity could be beyond repair. The safety and protection of people and property weighs heavily in the decision to save or remove. Trees creating the most hazardous conditions are considered first. For safety reasons, utility companies handle broken limbs and tree damage around power lines.

Direct questions about removals to forestry@cedar-rapids.org.

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