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Derecho Stump Grinding & Site Restoration Underway

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  • Staff from the Public Works and Parks & Recreation Departments are teaming up with private contractors to grind stumps in the public right-of-way and restore lawns following the work.
  • This effort is expected to run through Summer 2023.
  • The process coordinates with the ReLeaf program and neighborhood construction projects. Workers will remove stumps along priority routes and in work zones across the city.
  • Residents can find a dashboard with a map of activity underway and live data below.

Questions? Contact forestry@cedar-rapids.org or call 319-286-5747

Progress Dashboard

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When will the stump in front of my home be removed?

We cannot predict the exact date of stump grinding and site restoration. To help give residents a better picture of our progress, we developed a dashboard and mapping tool showing where crews are working now and where they will be in the future.

You can search for your address on the dashboard by using the magnifying glass tool. Crews are working in zones marked “In Progress,” illustrated on the map in the blue-gray color. Crews will work through the community in the colored map zones, closing out blue-gray “In Progress” areas and advancing to the yellow “Up Next” areas until all zones have been reached. “Complete” areas are marked in green. Once stump grinding and site restoration work is completed on every street in a work zone, the zone color will change from “In Progress” blue-gray to “Complete” green.

How do I know when crews completed work in my area?

City staff reviewed and verified each zone to confirm when stump removal and site restoration was completed. Residents can enter their address into the mapping tool above to verify whether their zone is completed. Completed zones are illustrated in green.

Why do I see stump-grinding crews working in other areas of town that are outside the blue-gray "In Progress" zones on the map?

In addition to the work zones identified on the map above, accelerated work is being performed along streets with anticipated construction projects and those on identified priority ReLeaf planting routes. This activity is not illustrated on the map. Crews conducting stump grinding and site restoration will work in zones across the city. The zone-based work will be illustrated on the map above.

Can the City resolve concerns/issues with tree stumps located on private property?
The City cannot touch private tree stumps.
Who is responsible for restoring the right-of-way?

The City will restore the right-of-way area where stump grinding was performed. Depending upon weather conditions, chip removal and dirt work will follow stump grinding, generally within two weeks of stump removal. Seeding will follow, again, depending upon weather conditions. Once seeded, property owners become responsible for maintenance.

What can I do if my zone is marked completed, but a stump remains in the right-of-way, or the site has not been reseeded?

City crews are only able to perform stump removal and site restoration in the public right-of-way. Typically, this is in the grassy area between the street curb and the sidewalk. If your zone is marked completed in the map above and you have a stump in the public right-of-way that has not been removed, or questions about site restoration, contact the Forestry division at  forestry@cedar-rapids.org, call 319-286-5747, or submit a request using My CR.

The work zones illustrated on the map above only capture tree stumps left after the derecho. The dashboard does not include stumps left behind by the Forestry division's separate ash tree removal program. In some circumstances, workers may clear a zone of derecho stumps following initial grinding operations, only for an ash tree removal crew to come through and leave behind an ash tree stump. Staff are working to coordinate these removals. If you have a concern, please reach out to the Forestry division using the contact information above.

Is the City charging residents to grind stumps?

No. Stump grinding in the right-of-way is being performed at no cost to residents.

What happens if something on my property was damaged by City crews or equipment as they were removing tree debris?
  • Private Property: You can report damage to private property sustained during stump grinding work performed by the City or its contractors to the City’s Risk Services Division: Phone: (319) 286-5125 | Email: J.Lynch@cedar-rapids.org | website.
  • Sidewalks: Contact the Sidewalks team at sidewalks@cedar-rapids.org or 319-286-5778 if you believe your sidewalk was damaged due to stump grinding work in the right-of-way.
What if I have decorated my stump after the derecho?

The City requests that residents remove rocks, bricks, stone planters, and other decorations from around the stumps as well as any ornamental plantings that the resident wants to keep prior to stump removal. Permits are required for any right-of-way encroachment. Learn more.

How long will it take to address all right-of-way stumps?

The City estimates stump grinding and site restoration will run through Summer 2023.

Can I remove the stump in my right-of-way at my own expense?

Right-of-way stumps can be removed, at the resident’s expense, by following the same process as replanting in the right-of-way. Complete an application for a permit. Stumps must be ground to 6-8 inches below grade. Trees planted in the same area will need to be moved 3-5 feet to one side or the other to avoid root systems from the tree that was removed. Property owners will need to grind the stump out completely to a depth of approximately 18-24 inches if they plan on re-planting in the exact same location.

What is the process for replanting in the right-of-way?

The City is undertaking a massive effort to replant in the the right-of-way. Learn more about ReLeaf here. Residents may replant trees in the right-of-way, however, plantings must adhere to the City's requirements. After the significant tree loss caused by the derecho, it is imperative that trees planted have the greatest potential for success. For information on replanting in the right-of-way, click here.

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