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Derecho Stump Grinding & Site Restoration Completed

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  • The City concluded right-of-way Derecho stump removals, with 10,481 stumps removed.
  • Through a cooperative program between Public Works and Parks and Recreation, staff ground over 7,500 stumps; nearly 3,000 were removed by a contractor.
  • Derecho stumps remaining in parks will be removed through grant funding or by Parks staff.
  • In addition, ash trees continue to be removed in rights-of-way, along with other removals that are part of normal forestry-maintenance practices;
    stumps from these trees are handled through ongoing Forestry operations.

Questions? Contact forestry@cedar-rapids.org or call 319-286-5747

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is responsible for restoring the right-of-way?

The City will restore the right-of-way area where stump grinding was performed. Depending upon weather conditions, chip removal and dirt work will follow stump grinding, generally within two weeks of stump removal. Seeding will follow, again, depending upon weather conditions. Once seeded, property owners become responsible for maintenance.

Is the City charging residents to grind stumps?

No. Stump grinding in the right-of-way is being performed at no cost to residents.

What happens if something on my property was damaged by City crews or equipment as they were removing tree debris?
  • Private Property: You can report damage to private property sustained during stump grinding work performed by the City or its contractors to the City’s Risk Services Division: Phone: (319) 286-5125 | Email: J.Lynch@cedar-rapids.org | website.
  • Sidewalks: Contact the Sidewalks team at sidewalks@cedar-rapids.org or 319-286-5778 if you believe your sidewalk was damaged due to stump grinding work in the right-of-way.
What is the process for replanting in the right-of-way?

The City is undertaking a massive effort to replant in the the right-of-way. Learn more about ReLeaf here. Residents may replant trees in the right-of-way, however, plantings must adhere to the City's requirements. After the significant tree loss caused by the derecho, it is imperative that trees planted have the greatest potential for success. For information on replanting in the right-of-way, click here.

Can the City resolve concerns/issues with tree stumps located on private property?
The City cannot touch private tree stumps.
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