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You could have frozen pipes.

1. Check your pipes inside the home to see if they are frozen.2. If you do not find frozen pipes inside your home, call 319-286-5900.  We will visit your home to determine if you have water coming into your home at the meter.


Your outage could be part of  a more widespread outage related to a main break. Call (319) 286-5900 to report the issue.

If the water is not coming into your home, you will need to call a certified plumber to defrost your service line.



If the plumber is able to defrost your service line to the curb stop, but water is still not available, report the problem to Cedar Rapids Water at 319-286-5900.  The Cedar Rapids Water Division will perform the needed repairs to the service line.  This is where a waiting list has been established due to limited resources and the complexity of the needed repairs.  Each situation presents unique challenges which may include excavation and cutting into a street, driveway or sidewalk.  Each incident can take between half a day and a full day to resolve.   The Cedar Rapids Water Division is currently working to find additional resources to address the growing number of frozen service lines.  We appreciate your patience during this trying situation.

If the leak occurs on a service line, it is the responsibility of the property owner to repair the line.  The repairs must be made by a licensed plumber.  The Cedar Rapids Water Division will notify property owners when a service line leak is detected.

What is the Homeowners’ responsibility?

Chapter 12.39 of our City Ordinance clearly denotes who is responsible for which portion of the water distribution system, but here is a summary:

  • The Cedar Rapids Water Division maintains and repairs any and all leaks or breaks that occur in over 600 miles of water mains that deliver clean, safe drinking water to all areas of the City.  Our responsibility extends up to and includes the curb stop and stop box. 

  • A curb stop is the valve that allows the City to turn water service on and off to a home. 

  • The stop box allows access to the curb stop and is most often recognized by the lid that sits at ground level. 

  • In Cedar Rapids, homeowners are responsible for the repair and maintenance of their water service line as it extends from the curb stop into the home. 

Water Service Line Insurance
If your water service line is damaged or leaking, it is the homeowner's responsibility to fix the problem.  The cost to repair or replace the water service line can be a couple thousand dollars.  Repairs must be made by a licensed plumber and may involve excavation of the line, destruction and replacement of driveway or other structures.  Service line insurance is designed to assist homeowners in the event that this happens. 

Each water service line insurance provider offers a different level of service and coverage.  We encourage all residents to research the issue and provider carefully before making a decision to purchase water service line insurance.   The Cedar Rapids Water Division does not recommend a particular service provider over another.

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