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Snow can create challenges for both homeowners and solid waste collection crews. Here are a couple of tips to help everyone get through the upcoming months safely:

Winter Collection Point:
If you have a wide driveway, place your cans along one half of the driveway. If your driveway space is limited, please clear a section of snow to the side of your driveway so your cans can be collected from street-level. Remember GARBY and YARDY carts need three feet between the container and other objects for efficient collection.

What to Avoid:

  • Placing containers on top of snow banks.
  • Placing container in the street.
  • Placing containers too close together.
  • Carts set in the right of way (area marked by yellow lines in the photo below). The gray GARBY cart is set in the appropriate place, behind the curb, where a snow bank has been shoveled out to clear room so the cart sits at curb height.

Labeled Winter Collection just CURBY and GARBY


Placing containers on top of snow banks creates a safety hazard for crew members by putting the weight above their center of gravity. Crew members have slipped and fallen under trucks and been injured trying to wrestle the containers down from the tops of snow banks. In order to protect the health and safety of our workers, the City of Cedar Rapids Solid Waste and Recycling Division has instructed crew members not to collect garbage, recycling and yard waste containers placed on top of snow banks.

Thank you for your compassion and understanding as we work to provide a safe environment for our crews.

Information on Christmas tree disposal is found here.

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