There may be times when you create more garbage than will fit in your designated container.Extra-Garbage

If you have more garbage than will fit in your closed GARBY cart:

  • Place the garbage in a 35 gallon or smaller bag weighing 40 pounds or less
  • Place the extra garbage sticker on each extra bag so it is clearly visible
  • If you have a single extra bag, set it on top of the closed GARBY lid with the extra garbage sticker clearly visible from the street.
  • More than one extra bag?  Set the extra bags on the ground next to the GARBY cart with an extra garbage sticker on all bags.
If you have a larger item that does not exceed 2 ft. by 3 ft. such as a lawn chair or tricycle, you can place an extra garbage sticker directly on the item and set it next to your GARBY cart.  If the item is larger than 2 ft. by 3 ft, call 319-286-5897 for a bulky item collection

Extra Garbage stickers are available at the following retail locations:

Store Name NW NE SE SW
Hy-Vee Drug Store 4825 Johnson Ave 1440 32nd St   1520 6th Street
    2001 Blairs Ferry Rd    
    505 Boyson Rd    
Hawkeye Convenience Stores 4830 Johnson Ave 1120 Old Marion Rd 1581 1st Ave 250 16th Ave
        803 1st Ave SW
        2330 Wiley Blvd
Casey's 641 Edgewood Rd 5555 Edgewood Rd 3349 Mt Vernon Rd 5655 C St
  701 Ellis Blvd 3434 1st Ave 201 8th Ave 501 6th St
  1532 Ellis Blvd 1495 Blairs Ferry Rd  1201 1st Ave 3625 Edgewood Rd
  235 Edgewood Rd 1661 32nd St   380 33rd Ave
    588 Boyson Rd   130 41st Ave Dr
    5050 Northland Ave    4560 16th Ave
Hy-Vee Stores 1843 Johnson Ave 3235 Oakland Rd 4035 Mt Vernon Rd 20 Wilson Ave
  5050 Edgewood Rd 1556 1st Ave    
     279 Collins Rd    
Kwik Shop   2910 Center Point Rd   3301 J St
    3134 1st Ave    
    4201 Center Point Rd   1001 1st Ave
Fareway Store     3717 1st Ave SE 4220 16th Ave
Kum & Go   3132 1st Ave 1420 Mt Vernon Rd 30 Four Oaks Dr
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