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Residents have several options for disposal of their Christmas trees. It is important you know which type of tree you are discarding: live (unflocked)flocked or artificial (plastic). Flocked trees are live trees that have been covered in a white, snow-like spray. Each type of tree has different disposal options; please take a moment to determine how to properly dispose of your tree.

Live (unflocked) Trees

Preparing Live Trees for Disposal

  • Remove all tinsel, ornaments, decorations, wires, stands, watering packets, tree wrap and netting from the tree prior to disposal.
  • Do not place the tree in a plastic bag.
  • Remove any stand or other metal objects from the tree.
  • Flocked trees, wreaths and garland cannot be recycled/collected alongside live trees.

Disposing Live Trees: Curbside Collection

  • Leave your tree whole.
  • Curbside collection begins Tuesday, December 26, 2023 and runs through Friday, January 12.
  • Please set live whole trees on your curb at least three feet from your collection carts. You may also place your tree into your YARDY cart for collection, but make sure the lid can close.
  • To protect the safety of our crews, please make sure trees are placed at the curb height for collection. Items placed on top of snowbanks will not be collected.

Disposing Live Trees: Drop-off Locations

Trees will be accepted from one drop-off location established by the Parks and Recreation Department:

  • Prairie Park Fishery, 2125 Otis Road SE

The site is open from 6 AM–10 PM. Signs indicating the drop-off area are posted. Trees dropped off at Prairie Park Fishery will be placed on the ice to use as fish habitat as the ice melts in the spring. 

All tinsel, ornaments, decorations, stands, watering packets, tree wrap and netting must be removed from trees prior to disposal. Flocked trees, wreaths and garland cannot be recycled. 

Flocked Trees

Flocked Trees are considered a garbage item. Trees must be cut into 3 foot sections and each section must have a $1.50 garbage sticker affixed before being set out with your garbage.

Artificial (Plastic) Trees

Plastic trees are considered a garbage item. There are no recycling opportunities for plastic Christmas trees in the area. Cardboard is banned from the landfill, so customers must recycle cardboard tree boxes in their CURBY cart.

  • If you can set your artificial tree out for collection in 3-foot sections, a $1.50 sticker is required for each section.
  • If you cannot separate your artificial tree into sections, please call the Solid Waste & Recycling Office at (319) 286-5897 to set up a special pick-up of your tree. The tree will be collected with the Bulky Item Collection Program. The cost of collection will be added to your next municipal utility bill.

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