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A few miles per hour can mean the difference between life and death for workers in the roadway.

Careless drivers put waste and recycling collectors, sewer operators, road construction crews, and more at risk every day. These occupations can be very dangerous because workers can’t always tell when an accident is waiting behind their large vehicles. That’s why we need to rely on the public to look out for our employees in the workplace.

Iowa has passed a law requiring motorists to slow down and move over when they see utility vehicles in the roadway.


New drivers learn to slow down in construction zones and move over for emergency vehicles. The City of Cedar Rapids is educating all drivers to follow the same protocol when they reach utility vehicles, including garbage and recycling trucks.

  • Slow down … when approaching utility vehicles when safety lights are flashing
  • Safely change lanes … when traffic allows
  • Operate with due caution … similar to the caution motorists exercise when traveling through a construction work zone or passing a stopped public safety vehicle.


Road Sign icon 

Obey posted speed limits and work zone signage
Clock icon

Be patient
 Car icon

Follow vehicles at a safe distance and leave room for unexpected stops
 Do not text icon

Minimize distractions to stay alert

States around the country have enacted life-saving “Slow Down Go Around” laws. The City of Cedar Rapids also ensures its workers take steps to protect their own safety, including:

  • Set up temporary signs and cones to help control traffic,
  • Wear highly visible clothing and hard hats when necessary — at day and at night,
  • Provide rapid flashing lights on all utility vehicles,
  • Conduct appropriate safety assessments at job sites

With your help, we can keep City workers safe on our streets.

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