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Rendering of skatepark relocation
Riverside Skatepark

Riverside Skatepark is located in Riverside Park, one of the oldest parks on the west side of the river in Cedar Rapids. Riverside Skatepark provides a safe environment for sports such as in-line skating, skateboarding, and biking. The existing skatepark was made possible by the combined efforts of a group of local students and parents, the City of Cedar Rapids Recreation Department, a state Recreation Infrastructure Grant, and corporate and private donations.

Why is the skatepark being relocated?
How does it impact the greenway skatepark?
Project Information
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Why is the skatepark being relocated?
The skatepark at Riverside Park is being relocated to make room for a large detention basin to be used for flood control on the west side of the Cedar River. The detention basin will allow for a large reduction in pump sizing for the flood control system in the Czech Village area. To install this basin, the existing skatepark and the playground need to be relocated to the southwest side of the park.

The flood control project will pay for the cost of relocating the skatepark, however, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Stay within the allocated footprint
  • Integrate into the site’s natural topography
  • Re-create key elements from the current skatepark
  • Any new element must be similar to one that it replaces.

Funding requirements limit the replacement to like for like elements only. The project is paid for with state funding which can’t be held and applied to a future project.

How does it impact the greenway skatepark?

Timecheck - webSimply, it doesn’t. A new, larger skatepark is still included in greenway plans and the City plans to build it as the greenway is developed. A process to update greenway plans will take place this fall. New timelines will be set that will include phases for securing funding, design, and construction.

Time Check Greenway Park

  • Located in the Northwest Neighborhood
  • Park plans include a destination skate park, pump track, and   skills trail 
  • Fall of 2022—Update of the Greenway Parks Plan with public input from neighborhood and recreation enthusiasts

Project Information

Riverside Park RenderingThe relocated and redesigned skatepark will include all of the existing obstacles in the current skatepark, designed for more efficient use of space and better flow, and using concrete instead of steel to meet   optimal industry standards.

The project includes:

  • Moving current light poles to provide light at night for skating after dark until 10:00 p.m.
  • Four LED lights, directedRiverside Skatepark rendering  at the skatepark and equipped with  glare and spill control elements —No light will spill out across property lines
  • New drinking fountain
  • New playground
  • Larger, reconstructed parking lot with accessible parking spaces
  • Existing restroom will remain

Timeline:Riverside skatepark renderingDesigns: Through August 31, 2022
Demolition of existing skatepark: September 2022
Bid Letting: September 1, 2022 - October 25, 2022
Construction : November 2022 - June 2023

Rendering of Riverside Skatepark plan with element legend

Relocated skatepark equipment:

  • Quarter pipe
  • Sloping quarter pipe
  • Pole jam
  • Grind rail
  • Hubba ledge
  • Volcano bank/A frame
  • Hipped bank
  • Mini half pipe
  • Step up gap
  • Manual pad
  • Stair set
  • Hipped quarter pipe
  • Bank ramp
  • Kicker ramp
  • Grind rail

Next Steps

How can I stay informed?

  • Subscribe to an email bulletin with progress updates about final designs, demolition, and construction.
  • Follow the City’s social media accounts and the Parks and Recreation Department’s Facebook account for photos and updates.

How can I be involved?

  • We will ask for input from individuals who are subscribed to the monthly email bulletin about this project. Make sure you are signed up.
  • Watch for notices about greenway planning this fall and provide your input.
  • Share your ideas with us by emailing parksdirector@cedar-rapids.org.
  • Help with site projects that could include artwork on the exterior of the restroom and planting trees.

Project Newsletters


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