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The City and our ReLeaf partners have found that several trees that appear to be dead are still alive and potentially may set new leaves yet this season. These trees are being monitored and will be replaced if they fail. But in the meantime, please join us in rooting for these trees, hoping they pull out of their funk in the coming weeks.

ReLeaf Tree Bud - A cartoon tree holding a watering can

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Kids! Be a Tree Detective:
Download and print the Leaves of Iowa coloring book and color each leaf when you find it.
Leaves of Iowa Coloring Book

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A Plan to Bring Back Our Trees

ReLeaf Cedar Rapids is the plan developed through the collaboration of the City of Cedar Rapids, Trees Forever, Jeff Speck & Associates, and Confluence, Inc. to replant trees following the August 2020 derecho. The plan was created to guide the City, institutions, non-profit organizations and private landowners in replanting the urban canopy in Cedar Rapids. The public and multiple other partners participated in the plan including the Monarch Research Project. 

The Re Leaf Cedar Rapids plan was designed so that tree plantings address climate concerns, preserve neighborhood character, and balance equity across neighborhoods. The plan includes yard planting information and tree recommendations for residents. The Re Leaf Cedar Rapids Plan also includes planting more than 42,000 trees along Cedar Rapids streets and in city parks. It includes detailed designs for 38 parks and a prioritization plan for planting all parks. Find maps that show the impact and planting priorities and resources for further reading about trees and their impact.  

As the plan moves into implementation, the City and Trees Forever will work collaboratively as ReLeaf partners.

The ReLeaf Cedar Rapids Plan

Browse the ReLeaf Cedar Rapids plan to learn about the guiding principles, established rules, and recommendations for private property owners and institutions. Discover how trees impact the community, and how the City plans to replant parks and along right-of-ways.

Watch the ReLeaf presentation at the February 8 City Council meeting

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Campaign Steering Committee
Mary Quass, Co-Chair
John and Dyan Smith, Co-Chairs
Brad Hart, Former Cedar Rapids Mayor
Jeff Pomeranz, City of Cedar Rapids
Helen B. Arnold, Arnold Olson Associates
Teri Gibson, TrueNorth Companies, Inc.
Samuel Jones, Shuttleworth & Ingersoll
James D. Klein, Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust
Kim Lehrman, Communications Engineering Company
Cydney Lovell, ITC Midwest
Leah Rodenberg, Alliant Energy Foundation
Kiley Miller, Trees Forever
Shannon Ramsay, Trees Forever
Lisa Williams, Trees Forever 


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