How Can I Help?

ReLeaf Cedar Rapids

How Can I Help?
tree dollarReLeaf Cedar Rapids is an ambitious and aggressive 10-year plan that requires significant human and financial resources to implement fully. The average annual cost per year to implement the ReLeaf Cedar Rapids plan is $3.7 million for a total of $37 million.

The City of Cedar Rapids has committed $1 million dollars per year for the next 10 years to the effort. The remaining $27 million will be raised through additional public and private sources. Trees Forever, in partnership with the City, is working to raise private funds through a campaign steering committee led by co-chairs John and Dyan Smith and Mary Quass.

We are grateful to the numerous corporate and individual donors who rushed to offer financial assistance after the storm. Their investments allowed us to lay the groundwork for this historic recovery plan that will benefit countless residents and visitors for generations to come.

You are invited to make a personal or corporate contribution to ReLeaf Cedar Rapids. For more information visit

Become a Tree Keeper
Trees Forever TreeKeepers program is designed for people who want to actively participate in planting trees in their neighborhood and community. Gain hands-on experience caring for street trees and park trees and protect community trees as a tree ambassador. Find more information at Trees Forever. 

Plant in Your Right-of-Way
Cedar Rapids residents can plant in the right-of-way in front of their property with permit approval. Please check our planting requirements and fill out the required permit.

Water Your Tree
stock watering_wbTrees need a lot of water in the first two years of life. The City, contractors, and Trees Forever’s Growing Futures Program waters newly planted trees in the right-of-way, but you can help our trees in the hot, dry months by giving them an extra 5 gallons each week. Use a bucket or garden hose to fill the watering bag on the young tree each week if there has not been an inch of rain in a week or if the tree is looking dry.

Signs of drought stress include wilting or browning leaves, yellowing leaves, early leaf drop starting at the tips of branches and tree top.

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