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Cedar Rapids Greenways

Cedar Rapids Greenway Project
In 2008, historic flooding had a devastating effect on Cedar Rapids. Ten years later, the community is rebuilding at an unprecedented rate, coming back stronger than before. The City is committed to transforming the neighborhoods hardest hit by the flood into greenways where a healthier community can grow.

The Cedar Rapids Greenways project included three sections of greenway totaling 130 acres.
The sections were divided into the Czech Village, Riverfront and Time Check Greenway Parks. Project elements were based on a needs assessment and level of service analysis completed during the Parks and Recreation Department’s Master Planning process and FEMA requirements. Extensive public input was also gathered during the Greenway Parks Planning process.

Why are the greenway parks important?
The Greenways will provide economic benefits to the community.

  • Greenways help to attract and retain the next-generation workforce.

  • Green space is one of the best indicators of an up-and-coming “Next City.”

  • Greenways increase private investment and increase property values in neighborhoods close to them.

The Greenways contribute to our community’s health.

  • Greenway and trail connectivity will provide health and fitness opportunities to achieve City health goals.

  • Creating places to be physically active can improve individual and community health and result in a 25% increase of residents who exercise at least three times per week.

The Greenways change the face of our riverfront.

  • Greenways transform the neighborhoods hardest hit by the flood.

  • Greenways provide a place our community can gather and celebrate the positive aspects of living in Cedar Rapids.


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