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Traffic Closure Notices

Traffic Closure Notices

May 7, 2021

Council Street NE Closure

Starting today, May 7, Council Street NE will be closed from Collins Road to 51st Street / Park Place. The closure will be in effect for approximately three (3) weeks, and is associated with improvements taking place on Council Street between Collins Road and Blairs Ferry Road. The intersection of Council Street and 51st Street / Park Place will also remain closed. Business access is open via Park Place Lane. The full project is scheduled to be completed this summer. Improvements include an asphalt pavement overlay, intersection replacement, new sidewalk and ADA sidewalk ramps, and minor utility work (water main, sanitary sewer service).

Mount Vernon Road SE Lane Reduction
Effective Monday, May 10, 2021, westbound traffic on Mount Vernon Road SE will be reduced to one lane between 20th Street and 19th Street for utility work. Work is expected to take three (3) days.

2nd Street SE Closure
Effective Monday, May 10, 2nd Street SE will be closed to traffic between 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue for crane operations. Work is expected to take three (3) days.

Johnson Avenue Avenue NW Lane Reductions

Effective immediately, Wednesday, May 5, Johnson Avenue NW is reduced to one lane each direction between 18th Street and 32nd Street for roadway surface repair. Work is expected to take two (2) weeks, weather permitting.

18th Street SW Periodic Closures
Starting Thursday, May 6, 18th Street SW will experience periodic closures between Huntsboro Lane/Blackberry Circle and Wilson Avenue for asphalt surfacing. Work is expected to take one (1) week, weather permitting.

1st Street SW Closure
Starting Friday, May 7, 2021, 1st Street SW will be closed between 8th Avenue to 11th Avenue, for pavement, sidewalk, and railroad crossing improvements. Work is anticipated to be completed within 2 – 3 weeks. Traffic can detour via 2nd Street SW.

66th Avenue SW Construction | April 29
Starting on Monday, May 10, improvements will begin on 66th Avenue SW, between 8th Street SW and the Crandic Railroad (located east of Locust Rd SW). 

Traffic Impacts

  • 66th Avenue will be closed to through traffic while construction is underway.
  • Closure will be in phases, with business access open from at least one access point at all times.
  • The detour is 60th Avenue 
  • Minor interruptions to sanitary sewer service of select properties may occur. We will coordinate service interruptions directly with you to minimize inconvenience as much as possible.
  • Download the Staging Plan

About the Project
The 66th Avenue SW project stretches from 8th Street SW to the Crandic Railroad (located east of Locust Rd SW) and includes complete roadway reconstruction, sidewalk on the north side of 66th Avenue, and new underground utilities (storm and sanitary sewer). The project is scheduled to be completed by fall 2021. 

Northwood Drive NE Closure

Effective Monday, May 3, 2021, Northwood Drive NE will be closed between 42nd Street and Aspen Lane for roadway work. Work is expected to take approximately two (2) weeks, weather permitting.

Oakland Road / Old Marion Road NE Construction Update | May 4
Oakland Road is closed to through traffic. Residents may utilize Oakland Road to get to their homes, but traffic traveling through should detour via 42nd Street at the north end, or via 32nd Street at the south end. This closure will be in effect through the fall.

Utility work is progressing on Oakland Road between Center Street and 35th Street. The new water main is installed from Center Street to 34th Street. During construction it was determined that the water main needed to be replaced up to Hollywood Boulevard, and installation will begin this week or next. Storm sewer work has begun in this area as well. You can expect to see new pavement next month.

About the Project: The project on Oakland Road/Old Marion Road NE stretches from Center Street to Regent Street. Improvements include pavement, on-street bike lanes, sidewalk and ADA sidewalk ramp improvements, and utilities (water main, storm sewer, sanitary sewer). It is scheduled for completion fall 2022 (2021 from Center Street to Miami Court; 2022 from Miami Court to Regent Street). 

Edgewood Road NE Construction Update | April 30

Work continues to move forward on Edgewood Road NE. Crews are working on pavement, pedestrian, and traffic signal improvements. In the coming days, traffic will be shifted to the west side of Edgewood Rd. Both northbound and southbound lanes on Edgewood Road will remain open. 

Also starting next week: The east leg of the intersection at Town Centre Way and Edgewood Rd (the first intersection south of Blairs Ferry leading into the Fountains) will be restricted to left out only, no thru or right turns will be allowed. Travel lanes on Blairs Ferry Rd will also be shifted to the north to allow space for the contractor to work, but Blairs Ferry will remain open both directions.   

About the Project:  Edgewood Road (Phase 2) will focus on the segment between Town Centre Way and Blairs Ferry Road. Improvements include replacing the pavement, modifying the traffic signals, adding pedestrian accommodations, and establishing additional turn lanes at the intersection of Edgewood Road and Blairs Ferry Road. Edgewood Road NE will remain open during the project. Lane closures will take place during construction including temporary night closures. The project is scheduled for completion fall 2021. 

6th Street SW Construction Update | April 29

Work began mid-April on 6th Street SW, and continues to progress. Crews started at Wilson Avenue and are working their way toward 33rd Avenue.

Construction and asphalt widening is currently underway along the west shoulder. Private utility companies are relocating their facilities to minimize project conflicts. Water main installation will begin shortly, starting at the Wilson Avenue intersection and working south. This work will include temporary phased closures of the north leg and west leg of the Wilson Avenue and 6th Street intersection. Detours will be set up during these times and every effort will be made to minimize the closure periods

Other work starting soon includes setting up temporary traffic signals at the 33rd Avenue and Wilson Avenue intersection, for intersection reconstruction and installation of sidewalk ramps.  

About the Project:
The 6th Street SW project stretches from Wilson Avenue to 33rd Avenue, and includes a new asphalt surface, utilities, new traffic signals at 33rd Avenue and Wilson Avenue, a pedestrian signal at 29th Avenue, and sidewalk on both sides of 6th Street SW. The majority of the project will be completed during the 2021 construction season, with remaining work completed in 2022. 

Mount Vernon Road SE Lane Reductions

  • Effective immediately, Thursday, April 29, westbound traffic on Mount Vernon Road SE is reduced to one lane between Forest Drive and 28th Street for utility relocation work. Work is expected to last approximately two (2) weeks.
  • Effective Thursday, April 22, westbound traffic on Mount Vernon Road SE will be reduced to one lane between 21st Street and 25th Street for utility work. Work is expected to last approximately ten (10) days, weather permitting.

Chandler Street SW Construction Update | April 29
Water main installation is well underway; crews began at 10th Avenue and are going up Chandler Street. Eventually, new water main and services will be installed along both Chandler Street and 20th Street. Access to residences will be maintain as much as possible. After new water main is installed across from driveways, a temporary rock base will be placed so residents can still get into their driveways.

When the current school year ends in early June, the Chandler Street and 20th Street intersection at the entrance to Jefferson High School will be fully closed for reconstruction, including water main, storm sewer, pavement, and site restoration. Also during this time, work on an ADA-compliant crosswalk will be underway at the intersection of 20th Street and 16th Avenue, in coordination with work on the new Kwik Trip site. Our goal is to complete work at both areas by mid-August, before school resumes in fall 2021.  

About the Project:
The project on Chandler Street SW and the 20th Street loop includes pavement reconstruction, all new underground utilities, and sidewalk extension on 16th Avenue SW. Phase 1 of the project was completed in 2020. The project is scheduled to be completed 2022. 

Bowling Street SW Construction Update | April 28

Work on Bowling Street SW is nearing completion. Crews are currently working on final items such as cleaning joints in the pavement. This will be completed by late this week or early next week. Crews will then wrap-up the project by painting new pavement markings.

We anticipate Bowling Street to fully re-open to traffic by early-to-mid May.

O Avenue NW Construction Update | April 29

Pavement work – either prep work or removals – continues between Highwood Drive and 23rd Street. Residents on side streets are accessing their homes by driving on the base rock. The contractor is also grading the shoulder areas for new sidewalk, and for new pavement on 21st Street and 23rd Street.  

When grading and pavement preparation reaches 24th Street, pavement construction between 20th Street and 24th Street will begin on both O Avenue and side streets. Weather permitting, we expect pavement construction to begin mid-May.

New water main has been installed to 27th Street and is currently being tested and disinfected, and will soon be connected to homes. Finally, we expect installation of the box culvert to resume at the end of May.

Cottage Grove Avenue SE Construction Update | April 28

Work began early April on Cottage Grove Avenue, and continues to progress. Crews are continuing their work on water main replacement and other underground utilities. In the coming weeks, installation of storm sewer and sanitary sewer underground utilities will be underway. 

Traffic control remains the same: 

  • Closed to general traveling public 
  • Construction moving in phases along the road
  • Access open to property owners and Cottage Grove Place  
  • Intersection of Forest Drive and Cottage Grove remains open 

E Avenue NW Closure

Starting on Monday, April 26, E Avenue NW will be closed for construction improvements between Jacolyn Drive and Shetland Drive. The project is scheduled to be completed by June 2021, and includes asphalt resurfacing, drainage improvements and ADA sidewalk ramp upgrades. This continues improvements already completed on E Avenue NW, including Highway 100 to Stoney Point Road in 2019, and West Post Road to Jacolyn Drive in 2020.

16th Avenue SW Lane Reduction
Effective immediately, Wednesday, April 21, westbound traffic on 16th Avenue SW is reduced to one lane between 18th Street and 20th Street for utility work.  Work is expected to take one (1) week, weather permitting.

Williams Boulevard SW Improvements Resume

Starting the week of April 19, improvements resume on the Williams Boulevard SW project, which started last year and stretches from 16th Avenue SW to City limits.

With the start of the project, Williams Boulevard SW will be reduced to one lane each direction while asphalt installation is underway. Lane reductions will be in effect during the duration of the project, which is scheduled for completion this year.

Starting May 2, night closures of side street intersections will be in effect as asphalt work continues. Williams Boulevard will remain open, but side street entrances/exits will be closed overnight while work takes place at the intersections. These night closures are anticipated to last approximately two months.  

The Williams Boulevard SW project will repair and replace pavement, traffic signals, sidewalk ramps, and other infrastructure along Williams Boulevard, including the intersections at Wiley Boulevard, Westdale Drive, Wilson Avenue, Edgewood Road, and 16th Avenue. Closing sidewalk gaps is a pedestrian safety priority, and this project will construct sidewalk in the gaps on the north side of Williams Boulevard from Wiley Boulevard to 16th Avenue.

1st Street NE Storm Sewer Flood Improvements Begin

Starting Monday, April 5, storm sewer improvements will be underway on 1st Street NE, between A Avenue NE and 1st Avenue East, as part of the City’s permanent flood control system. Lane reductions will be in effect during the course of construction, which is anticipated to be completed by June 2021.

The project includes removing and reconstructing underground storm sewer pipe to consolidate drainage outfalls to the Cedar River, and redirect storm water to a future pump station. Later this summer, work in this area will include the installation of a floodgate on 1st Avenue East at 1st Street; as well as trail, curb, and ADA improvements on 1st Street SE near City Hall in advance of permanent flood control. Temporary traffic signals will be in place at 1st Avenue and 1st Street East during construction in this area.

32nd Street NE Bridge Closure for Improvements

Starting on Monday, April 5, 2021, bridge and roadway improvements will begin on the 32nd Street NE bridge. The bridge will be closed to vehicles for the duration of the construction season; however, pedestrian access will remain open. The project will include alternating closures on each side of the bridge (the east side I-380 on-ramp area first, followed by the west side I-380 on-ramp area).

The project is a joint City and Iowa Department of Transportation project. Overall improvements include I-380 on/off ramp intersection pavement reconstruction, bridge deck rehabilitation, new traffic signals at each end of the bridge, new bridge rail, and ADA sidewalk ramp improvements. The project is scheduled to be completed this fall.

Bridge Maintenance Projects, Lane Restrictions

Starting Wednesday, March 31, bridge railing repairs will be underway on C Avenue NE, between Teakwood Ln and Brentwood Drive, over Dry Creek. Traffic will be reduced to one lane each direction for approximately two weeks. This is one of several bridge maintenance projects scheduled for spring 2021, focusing on periodic maintenance such as joint repair, pavement, or railing improvements.

Starting the first week of April:

  • 15th Ave SW between 13th St and 18th St
  • Center Point Rd between N Town Ln NE and 51st St NE
  • Lane reductions will be in effect during both projects for approximately two weeks.
The full 2021 Bridge Maintenance list includes:

  • 16th Avenue West between 13th St SW and 18th St SW

  • 15th Avenue East between 13th St SW and 18th St SW

  • Center Point Rd NE between N Town Ln NE and 51st St NE

  • C Avenue NE between Teakwood Ln NE and Brentwood Dr NE

  • 2nd Avenue downtown bridge  

1st Avenue / CeMar Trail Project Continues

Starting the week of March 22, utility work will be underway at the 32nd Street intersection, restricting 1st Avenue traffic from turning east onto 32nd Street Drive SE. These intersection restrictions are only anticipated to last approximately one week.  The full project stretches from 27th Street to 34nd Street. Lane reductions and temporary side-street closures will take place throughout the project area for the duration of the construction season. Access to businesses will be maintained.

In addition to completing the pedestrian underpass, the work this year will also include realigning the 27th Street intersection to improve sight visibility and reduce crashes. Several pedestrian safety enhancements are part of the overall 1st Avenue project, including: new pedestrian-friendly traffic signals at 27th Street, 29th Street, and 32nd Street; sidewalk repairs; ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps at all intersections; and the completion of the ADA-compliant pedestrian path under 1st Avenue, with continuous LED lighting.

All travel lanes will be restored at the end of the project. This is the final year of the two-year project.

12th Avenue SE Improvements Begin

Starting Monday, March 22, 2021, improvements begin on 12th Avenue SE.

Traffic impacts include closure of the intersection of 12th Avenue and 7th Street SE for initial underground work. The closure will be extended to 10th Street in the weeks ahead, which will remain in place for the majority of the 2021 construction season.

The project stretches from 7th Street to 17th Street SE, and includes pavement improvements, new on-street bike lanes, ADA sidewalk ramp improvements, and utilities (water main, storm sewer, sanitary sewer). It is a two-year project, scheduled for completion in 2022.  

Cedar Valley Nature Trail Closure During Flood Control Project Update | January 7, 2021

Starting today, the Cedar Valley Nature Trail will be closed from 10th Street NE, along McLoud Run, and south to the Cedar Lake Loop located at the northwest corner of Cedar Lake as permanent flood control efforts continue in the area north of Cedar Lake.  A detour has been established along 10th Street NE. Work is currently underway on the first phase of flood control at the Shaver Road NE bridge, over McLoud Run (aka Cold Stream). 

The trail segment in this area will remain closed for approximately the next three years as work is completed at the Shaver Road bridge and levee construction begins. The trail closure is associated with the work taking place at Shaver Road, which will include elevating the bridge and constructing a trail underpass.

To learn more about the City’s permanent flood control system, please visit www.cityofcr.com/floodcontrol.

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