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Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory for Limited Set of Customers in SW Quadrant

Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory for Limited Set of Customers in SW Quadrant

May 22, 2022

The City of Cedar Rapids is asking customers at the addresses listed below to consider boiling water used for personal consumption as a precautionary measure. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have infants under 6 months of age, USE BOTTLED WATER ONLY.

Affected Addresses are: 

1270 22nd Ave. SW
1264 22nd Ave. SW
1260 22nd Ave. SW
1256 22nd Ave. SW
1254 22nd Ave. SW
1251 22nd Ave. SW
1243 22nd Ave. SW
1222 22nd Ave. SW
1218 22nd Ave. SW
1216 22nd Ave. SW
1214 22nd Ave. SW
1211 22nd Ave. SW
1200 22nd Ave. SW

1266 Wilson Ave.
1260 Wilson Ave.
1248 Wilson Ave.
1244 Wilson Ave.
1236 Wilson Ave.
1230 Wilson Ave.
1228 Wilson Ave.
1222 Wilson Ave.
1210 Wilson Ave.
1204  Wilson Ave.

2210 12th St. SW

Water Boil Advisory Map for 5-22-22

A water main break at 1264 22nd Ave. SW has caused a disruption to normal distribution operation, which has created a potential for bacteria contamination to occur. We are advising residents at only the listed addresses to follow these steps for added protection.

· Flush per recommendations below

· Bring water to be used for consumption to a boil

· Let it rapidly boil for at least 1 minute

· Allow to cool completely before consuming


Crews have made repairs, and the affected area has been flushed. Chlorine levels will be monitored, and bacteria samples will be collected for analysis. We anticipate completed results of bacteria analysis by Tuesday, May 24, at 12 p.m. noon, at which time this advisory will be either lifted or extended. Please check the website at CityofCR.com for up-to-date notifications, or call the Cedar Rapids Water Department at 319-286-5900.

The water department stresses that this Advisory is PRECAUTIONARY and is limited to the addresses listed above.

Affected Residents are Reminded to Flush Internal Plumbing

Any time water service is impacted by a brief outage, it is always a good idea to flush internal plumbing in a home or business. There may be air in the line, or a cloudiness in the water associated with increased turbidity. These symptoms are expected, and we are working to confirm the water is safe to drink.

Steps to clear the water:

· Run cold water after an outage through a faucet that does not have an aerator screen. Bathtubs and hose bibs are good candidates.

· Open faucets slowly to allow the air to escape. Air will make a spurting or hissing sound as it escapes through the faucet.

· Once the water is flowing, allow the faucet to run for up to five minutes to ensure the service line is thoroughly flushed. The first water may be cloudy due to air in the water or particles that dislodge as the pipes fill with water. The cloudiness should clear fairly quickly.

· It may take up to 48 hours for the turbidity to settle down once the system is restored to normal configuration. Continue to run cold water through a faucet daily until these symptoms go away.

If kitchen or bathroom faucets do not perform normally following a water outage, it may be necessary to remove the aerator screen. Typically, the aerator can simply be unscrewed from the faucet. Inspect the screen for small particles and rinse away any you find. Reinstall the aerator and test performance of the faucet again. If you experience difficulties, such as low pressure throughout the house following a water outage, call Utilities Water Division at 319-286-5900 for assistance during regular business hours.


Date distributed: May 22, 2022


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