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Cedar Rapids' Micromobility Program Launches Today

Cedar Rapids' Micromobility Program Launches Today

April 1, 2022

The City’s Micromobility Program launches on Friday, April 1. The City partnered with Veo to give residents and visitors the opportunity to incorporate micromobility into their daily lives. Users can rent an e-bike or scooter through the Veo app on their smart phone.

This is the fourth year for Cedar Rapids’ micromobility program. “Every year we learn from experience and make adjustments to the program to better suit everybody’s needs,” said Trent Cerra, a planner for Cedar Rapids. “We’ve made some changes this year to City code and the agreement with Veo to promote safer riding habits.”

This year, the City focused on improving the following elements of the micromobility program:

  • ID verification technology will be required for all riders. The requirement for riders to be at least 18 years of age to ride remains.
  • Riders will need to take a safety quiz at the beginning of each season.
  • Veo staff will act more quickly to return devices parked outside of marked areas. Idle time was previously 72 hours. The new idle time is 48 hours.
  • Devices will not be allowed to drive into “special event” areas defined by the City’s special events team.
  • Increased education efforts will focus on safety, rules of the road, and better parking practices.

“Across the country, around half of all trips are less than three miles, and about 20 percent are shorter than a mile,” said Cerra. “Short trips are great candidates for micromobility devices and transit. Riding an ebike or scooter uses less energy than driving a car and is better for the environment.”

“We are thrilled to be working with the City of Cedar Rapids to provide sustainable, convenient  transportation options for residents and visitors,” said Candice Xie, CEO of Veo. “Veo’s unique mixed fleet of seated scooters, standing scooters, and e-bikes expands access by giving riders options to choose a vehicle that best meets their needs.”

To celebrate the spring reopening, riders can use the promo code CRspring22 for $5 in ride credit through April 9. You can learn more about the City’s micromobility program here, including safety tips and rules for riders.

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About Veo
Veo is bringing the next generation of shared electric bikes and scooters to cities and universities around the world. Founded in 2017 by two Purdue University graduates, Veo operates from a set of values that distinguish us in the industry. We are grounded in financial responsibility: Veo partnered with select cities to achieve profitability before scaling. Our in-house design and manufacturing process enables us to constantly innovate and provide cities with vehicle fleets that are made to last. We develop collaborative, long-term partnerships with cities and universities so we can work together toward a sustainable, safe, and equitable transportation future. Learn more at www.veoride.com.

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