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Update on Downtown Flood Control Projects

Update on Downtown Flood Control Projects

May 26, 2021

Work continues to move forward on a variety of flood control initiatives in the downtown.

The storm sewer work on 1st Street NE (between A Avenue NE - 1st Avenue East) will be wrapping up in July. Lane reductions remain in effect. This work helps consolidate drainage outfalls to the Cedar River, will direct downtown storm water to a future pump station, and will help facilitate the construction of the floodgate across 1st Avenue.

Also wrapping up in this area is the installation of temporary traffic signals at 1st Avenue and 1st Street East. These signals will help ensure additional curb, ADA, and future trail work can be completed. The signals will also allow for changing traffic patterns during construction of the 1st Avenue floodgate. Permanent signals will be installed once work on the floodgate is completed.

Ongoing - 3rd Avenue SE Floodgate
Work continues on the installation of the 3rd Avenue floodgate. This gate design will feature permanent columns with stackable, removable panels during a flood. 3rd Avenue SE remains closed while work is underway. Work is anticipated to extend into September 2021. There is no flood control work underway this year on 2nd Avenue SE.

Starting this Summer - 1st Avenue East Floodgate
Construction of the floodgate on 1st Avenue East is scheduled to begin in July or August. This will be a roller floodgate similar to the one already installed on 16th Avenue SE. Traffic impacts will not occur until after the Freedom Festival, and will include lane reductions and temporary parking removal on 1st Avenue. The project will be completed in 2022.

Starting this Fall - Demolition of HydroElectric Facility at the 5-in-1 Dam
This facility has been out of service since it was damaged in the 2008 Flood. It will be removed and the dam gate behind it will be upgraded, which will allow for construction of a future floodwall between the dam and 1st Avenue East. Construction will begin this fall and be completed in 2022.

Learn more: www.cityofcr.com/floodcontrol

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