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Cosmo Scooters Launch Gathering Rescheduled for June 3

Cosmo Scooters Launch Gathering Rescheduled for June 3

May 26, 2021

With rain anticipated in the forecast, the Cosmo scooter launch gathering originally scheduled for May 27 has been rescheduled for Thursday, June 3, from 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. in Greene Square.

The new Cosmo sit-down scooters will still be available starting on Friday, May 28.

The launch gathering is a fun, casual event where residents can drop by anytime and ride the new scooters for free. Staff from the vendor, VeoRide, will be available to assist residents in downloading the mobile app, and to answer any questions about the new scooters and how they operate.

The Cosmos are sit-down scooters, which travel at the same speeds as traditional stand-up scooters. The Cosmo lowers the rider’s center of gravity, makes hand signaling easier, and provides another mobility option for riders who are not comfortable or able to ride a bike or traditional stand-up scooter. Like traditional scooters and e-bikes, residents can ride the new Cosmo scooters on the bike lanes, travel lanes, or trails, but not on the sidewalk.

They join the electric-assist bikes and electric scooters that launched earlier this month. The Bike Share program is available throughout the downtown and surrounding districts (MedQuarter, NewBo, Czech Village, Kingston Village) for short recreational rides or to close gaps in transportation.


Bike Share Program

The bikes and scooters are accessible through the VeoRide app (free on any app provider).

Fares include:

  • E-bikes: $1 to unlock, 20 cents per minute of use.
  • Traditional standup scooters: $1 to unlock, 29 cents per minute of use.
  • New sit-down scooters: $1 to unlock, 33 cents per minute of use.

Using the Bike Share System:

  • Download the VeoRide mobile app for free.
  • Create an account.
  • Scan the QR code on any scooter or bike (or enter the ID number) to begin your ride.
  • When finished, park in a designated bike rack and submit a photo of your correctly parked bike/scooter.
  • The fare will end once you lock the bike or click "end ride" on the scooter.
  • Payment is completed through the app.

Park Responsibly
Park in one of the conveniently-located green bike racks, shown on the app. To encourage responsible parking, users will be required to take a picture of the vehicle before the ride can end, to ensure proper parking has occurred. Scooters may be parked in any green bike rack or in the designated parking area for scooters, painted on the sidewalk near bike racks. Parking in bike racks or in designated parking areas ensures sidewalks and building entrances remain open and accessible for pedestrians, while keeping the system neat and organized.

Walk Your Wheels – No Bikes/Scooters on Sidewalks
In the downtown and surrounding districts: bikes, scooters/sit-down scooters, and skateboards are not permitted to ride on sidewalks. Please walk your wheels in these areas for the safety of pedestrians, or enjoy riding in a bike lane (bikes may also use the full travel lane). Sidewalk decals and street signage have been installed in areas where riding on the sidewalk is not permitted.

About the Vendor
As the vendor, VeoRide is responsible for maintaining the fleet of bikes and scooters and has staff who disinfect the bikes, return lost bikes to stations, and perform routine maintenance. Lost or damaged bikes will be recovered, repaired, or replaced at no cost to the city.

To contact VeoRide, call (855) 836-2256 or email hello@veoride.com to report any concerns.

To see videos on how the bikes work, or for additional safety reminders, please visit www.cityofcr.com/bikeshare.

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