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Community Resources Remain Available for Derecho Assistance

Community Resources Remain Available for Derecho Assistance

April 27, 2021

The City of Cedar Rapids and community nonprofit partners remain committed to making resources available to residents following the August 10, 2020 derecho. While much has been accomplished, the City recognizes that recovery is still ongoing and there is more to do in our community.

Resources are still available for housing repairs, funding gaps, tree debris removal, and other community needs. Additionally, work has been underway since December 2020 to survey remaining needs in the community and help connect residents with available resources.

Residents are encouraged to contact Waypoint at 319-366-7999 for any remaining housing or tree debris needs. Waypoint serves as a single point of contact for assistance, and will help refer residents to the correct agency or resource, depending on the need. Since August 10, 2020, Waypoint has taken approximately 9,500 calls for service, which includes any household need (COVID, derecho, etc.)

PATCH Program - Housing Rehabilitation
A donation-based program that was established after the derecho that assists homeowners with repairs or a gap loan for repairs. The City of Cedar Rapids and Linn County are working with our local nonprofits to ensure a coordinated effort. Visit http://www.ecicog.org/patch.html or call Waypoint at 319-366-7999 to learn more and apply for the PATCH program.

Types of assistance includes:

  • Construction management support
  • Identifying immediate needs
  • Identifying contractors
  • Scheduling work
  • Working with contractors throughout the construction/repair process
  • Financial assistance
  • Forgivable loans, averaging $15,000 per home
  • 5-year forgivable mortgage placed on the property for the loan amount
  • Repayment occurs when homeowner receives FEMA, SBA, insurance, or other proceeds
  • A portion may be forgiven if the amount received from the above sources does not cover costs
  • No credit check required to qualify

Program Requirements:

  • Applicant must be the homeowner according to the Cedar Rapids or Linn County Assessor’s office
  • Home must be:
    • Owner-occupied
    • Primary residence as of 8/10/2020
    • Taxed as real estate
    • Located in Linn County
    • Insured or capable of being insured after work is completed
  • Must meet household income requirements – www.ecicog.org/patch.html to view criteria

To date, the PATCH program has allocated approximately $446,000 to approximately 252 households. Additionally, the PATCH program has recently received additional funding - $500,000 from United Way of East Central Iowa and $50,000 from Catholic Charities. The City will also be addressing the need for removal of damaged trees and debris on private property for residents without the financial means.


Last December, the City’s Building Services Department reached out to approximately 940 properties that were either destroyed or sustained major damage as a result of the August 10 derecho. This voluntary survey included follow-up phone calls and on-site visits from the City’s consultant, and was aimed at helping the City understand what challenges residents were facing to complete major repairs, and to also match residents with any available housing resources. The City received approximately 700 responses, with approximately 12 percent of respondents requesting additional information on community resources, and who were matched with appropriate programs and services by City staff.

This spring, the City is leading another effort to identify remaining obstacles residents are facing in derecho recovery, as well as refer them to available resources. Teams of volunteers are going door-to-door to check-in with residents in predominately low-to-moderate income neighborhoods and mobile home parks that sustained significant derecho damage. Volunteer teams include Green Iowa AmeriCorps, City staff, and others. This outreach allows residents with housing rehabilitation needs to be directed to Waypoint, or referred to the PATCH Program. Through coordinated intake, Waypoint ensures referral to the PATCH Program, as well as other needs, such as food or mental health services. This outreach is also being used to capture remaining tree debris clean-up needs on private property, which will help United Way target volunteer efforts and allow the City to put in place appropriate funding. Approximately 240 households have been contacted this spring and staff continues to do outreach.

Community Resources

  • PATCH Program - Housing Rehabilitation
  • A donation-based program that assists homeowners with repairs or a gap loan for repairs: http://www.ecicog.org/patch.html
  • Tree Removal Assistance
    For tree removal needs on private property, the City is collaborating with United Way of East Central Iowa and Waypoint to match resident needs to volunteer groups with the appropriate skills. Please contact Waypoint at 319-366-7999 for additional information.
  • Other derecho recovery needs | Contact HACAP (319-739-0056)
  • Crisis Hotline | Contact Foundation 2 to speak to a trained counselor (319-362-2174)
  • Business Resources | View Online | Courtesy Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance
  • FEMA Individual Assistance | View Details
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans for Business & Residential | Flyer: english | español
  • Linn County | Storm Response
  • Linn County Solid Waste Agency | Debris Disposal
  • Business Storm Loss Complete Questionnaire
  • Community Resource | Iowa Storm Help 319-432-9754 | 4001 1st Ave SE

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