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Shaver Road NE Flood Control Project Begins

Shaver Road NE Flood Control Project Begins

December 4, 2020

Starting on Monday, December 7, work will begin on the first phase of flood control measures at the Shaver Road NE bridge, over McLoud Run (aka Cold Stream). This phase of the project will include the extension and partial demolition of the existing box culvert under the bridge, as well as utility relocations – all precursor work for replacing and elevating the Shaver Road bridge as part of the permanent flood control system.

Shaver Road will remain open to traffic during this phase of the project, with lane reductions in effect.

As part of permanent flood control, the Shaver Road Bridge will be elevated 8 feet over a floodwall, and will be designed to remain open during flood emergencies. Future flood control in this area will wrap around Cedar Lake, tying into high ground at I-380 near J Avenue, and will protect homes and businesses threatened when the Cedar River backs up into McLoud Run.

Future phases of the Shaver Road project will also include separate roadway and trail bridges over McLoud Run, and environmental improvements in the streambed to restore McLoud Run to a natural condition, which is supportive of fish habitat.


  • Phase one of the project is scheduled to be completed May 2021.
  • The Shaver Road bridge replacement is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2021 and be completed in 2022.
  • Stream improvements and the new trail bridge are scheduled between 2021 and 2023.

Other flood control projects underway this year:

  • Lot 44 Levee in NewBo: The levee will stretch from approximately 9th Avenue SE to 12th Avenue SE. Parking restrictions will be in place during and after construction. The levee is scheduled for completion spring 2021.
  • 3rd Avenue SE floodgate: Stackable, removable panels that slide into permanent columns on the sidewalk during flood threats. The 3rd Avenue floodgate will be deployed for a 22’ river elevation, and is designed to protect to the 2008 flood volume. Scheduled for completion summer 2021.
  • Amphitheatre Floodwall: The facility includes a built-in floodwall to the 2008 flood volume, and includes a public restroom and storage for events. The facility is scheduled for completion spring 2021. 
  • Quaker Oats Floodwall: Construction of the 2,000 foot floodwall and pump station will be completed spring 2021, with the final phase completing the railroad closure gate at the Cedar River in fall 2021.

Permanent flood control projects completed to date include:

  • 2020 16th Avenue SE floodgate
  • 2019 Czech Village Levee
  • 2018 Sinclair Levee
  • 2018 Lot 44 Pump Station
  • 2018 Northwest Gateway & Memorial Plaza
  • 2017 Sinclair Detention Basin
  • 2017 Sinclair Pump Station
  • 2017 CRST Riverwalk
  • 2016 CRST Floodwall
  • 2013 McGrath Amphitheatre Levee

To learn more about the City’s permanent flood control system, please visit www.cityofcr.com/floodcontrol.

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