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Addition of New Buses Marks Milestone for Cedar Rapids Transit

Addition of New Buses Marks Milestone for Cedar Rapids Transit

May 30, 2019

Addition of New Buses Marks Milestone for Cedar Rapids Transit

Cedar Rapids Transit is pleased to announce the purchase and delivery of three new, heavy-duty, fixed-route buses from Gillig Corporation. These three buses complete a major milestone for Cedar Rapids Transit: the replacement of the entire fixed-route bus fleet with new, heavy-duty, low-floor, ADA-accessible buses since the 2008 flood.

“We have been planning and working towards this goal, and are extremely proud to have now updated our entire fleet in just 10 years,” said Brad DeBrower, Cedar Rapids Transit Manager. “These buses provide important public transportation access for all citizens, as well as better comfort, increased safety, and lower emissions. We hope these features encourage all residents to use our bus service more often.”

At the time of the 2008 flood, Cedar Rapids Transit had one of the oldest bus fleets in the nation, with 1978 model buses comprising the bulk of its fleet. At that time, Transit had five times the recommended number of spare buses due to the high amount of age-related vehicle breakdowns. In the fall of 2008, the City of Cedar Rapids purchased eight used 1992 RTS buses that were retired from San Bernardino, California to help get through the initial flood recovery.

In 2009, the City purchased four new, low-floor Gillig buses, which were the first new, non-experimental, fixed-route buses that the City had purchased in over 20 years. The new buses incorporated the latest design and ADA-accessibility features to ensure better vehicle control, safety, and comfort. The City continued buying new clean-diesel, 35-foot, low-floor, ADA accessible buses from Gillig, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses that are designed and assembled in Livermore, California. The City has purchased 30 new Gillig buses since the 2008 flood: four in 2009; four in 2010; five in 2011; five in 2012; four in 2014; two in 2017; three in 2018; and three in 2019.

Each new bus has 32 passenger seats plus 2 wheelchair positions, and are equipped with bike racks for two bicycles. The buses have a 12-year/500,000 mile useful life threshold. Cedar Rapids Transit’s goal is to replace two buses per year on a 15-year cycle to maintain a dependable fixed-route fleet in a state of good repair. All of the 2010 and newer buses are fully compliant with the US EPA’s 2010 Clean Air Standards as well as the State of California’s 2018 Clean Air Regulations for Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles. The 2009 buses that do not meet the clean-air standards are scheduled for replacement in fiscal years 2021 and 2022.

For more information about Cedar Rapids Transit services, bus routes and schedules, visit cityofcr.com/transit.

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