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Adoption of New Zoning Code

Adoption of New Zoning Code

January 7, 2019

Adoption of New Zoning Code

City Council formally adopted the new code during its regular agenda on December 18, 2018. The ordinance took effect January 1, 2019.

You can view the full text and map of the adopted code at www.cityofcr.com/zoning. Application forms and fact sheets will be added to the page in the coming days.

The purpose of the update was to more closely align zoning regulations to the City’s comprehensive plan, which was updated in 2015. The new code – which replaces the existing Chapter 32 – will establish clear standards for new development that are flexible, predictable, and support community interest.

Public outreach on the new code has been underway since 2016, and has included open houses, online surveys, visual preference surveys, and stakeholder meetings.

The new zoning code will outline development regulations in three broad zoning districts: urban, traditional, and suburban.

The code will also address new interests that emerged during public outreach, including a process to participate in urban beekeeping, build an accessory dwelling unit on your property, business accommodations for bicycle parking, and establishing new parking standards to help maintain attractive and safe parking lots.

The new zoning code also addresses other community interests, including:

  • Site Design and Walkability: The new code will help ensure areas are walkable and accessible to nearby amenities, and outline how a building can be situated in relationship to the parking lot and sidewalk.
  • Parking: The new zoning code will offer greater flexibility in parking, particularly in Urban and Traditional neighborhoods in and around the urban core. Bicycle Parking has also been added to the code for the first time.
  • Exterior Lighting: Lighting helps create a sense of security, deter crime, and also provides beautification. The new zoning code has updated lighting standards to address light pollution. 
  • Renewable Energy: The new code will encourage renewable energy facilities, such as wind and solar, and will addresses both small-scale and large-scale renewable energy systems. 
  • Development Review Process: The updated zoning code improves the review and approval process for development proposals, providing clear guidelines for developers and giving neighborhood residents a clear understanding of what can be built in residential areas. 
  • Form over Function: The new zoning code incorporates form-based code, allowing more mixed use development that emphasizes complimentary design. This provides guidelines for how things look in relationship to each other, ensuring that neighborhoods and districts follow complimentary aesthetics.

To see the full zoning code update, visit: www.cityofcr.com/zoning.

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