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The City of Cedar Rapids encourages development that maximizes vibrancy, inclusiveness, resource conservation, and fiscal responsibility.

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Further developing core neighborhoods increases opportunities for walking, biking, and transit. Working to accommodate an increasingly diverse population produces jobs, entrepreneurs, and a more vibrant Cedar Rapids.1, 2, 3

Resources & Tools for Residents

  • Neighborhood Finance Corporation
    NFC provides purchase, refinance, and home improvement loans to property owners. The program is location-based, not income-based. Residents or future homeowners in the lending area could qualify for up to a $10,000 forgivable loan!

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The City builds on successful programs that incentivize targeted industry growth, investment in core neighborhoods, and green buildings. The Flood Protection System protects residents from major flooding. The City’s comprehensive zoning update increases walkability, decreases parking, and increases native landscaping opportunities.

Goals & Objectives

  • Goal 1: Connect citizens to community resources and increase affordable housing opportunities
    • A. Objective | Pursue partnerships to leverage funding in order to produce new or improve existing housing that is affordable for all income levels.
    • B. Objective | Increase public awareness of community resources.
    • C. Objective | Pursue partnership to increase shelter services and provide resources to those experiencing homelessness. 
  • Goal 2: Preserve and reuse historic structures and sites to retain history, heritage, and community character
    • A. Objective | Increase number of historic-designated properties in Cedar Rapids.
  • Goal 3: Grow resilience to environmental hazards and intensifying climate
    • A. Objective | Complete climate risk and environmental justice assessments and incorporate into planning efforts.
  • Goal 4: Build upon investments in targeted industries, core neighborhoods, and immigrant population workforce to enhance economic strength, quality of life, and vibrancy
    • A. Objective | Through the ISU-Cedar Rapids Partnership, advance an industrial symbiosis approach to growth, where waste streams from one industry become raw materials for others, to help concentrate the Food Manufacturing and Bioprocessing Cluster in Cedar Rapids.
    • B. Objective | Plan for greater integration of immigrants and refugees into the Cedar Rapids labor market.
    • C. Objective | Assist companies, particularly in identified target industries, to locate or expand; increase levels of higher-wage & higher-skilled jobs to positively influence conditions necessary to improve income for all residents.
    • D. Objective | Focus redevelopment and revitalization efforts, planning, and incentives in the City's core districts.

Other Sources

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