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When it rains the water that runs off of our roofs, lawns, driveways, and sidewalks picks up pollutants such as oil, pesticides, fertilizers, sediment, and animal waste. These pollutants wash into the storm drains and flow untreated directly into our streams and rivers. There are simple ways to prevent stormwater pollution around your home.

Proper disposal of paint protects our stormwater.

Pesticides & Fertilizers
Proper use and disposal of chemicals protects our stormwater.

Automotive Maintenance
Wise automotive maintenance protects our stormwater.

Household Hazardous Waste
Proper use and disposal of HHW protects stormwater.

Home Construction & Remodeling
Proper construction practices protect our stormwater.

Yard Waste
Proper disposal of yard waste protects our stormwater.

Pet Waste
Picking up pet waste on lawns protects our stormwater.

Be an advocate of stormwater protection and raise awareness.

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