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Real Estate Division
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Real Estate Division

The Real Estate Division is responsible for Acquisition, Right-of-Way Vacations (alleys and streets) and Disposition of City-owned property. 

Property Acquisition
Acquiring property means the City will purchase a portion of private property from the property owner, (usually a strip of land) for additional right of way. The area would then belong to the City, not the property owner. Property acquisition would occur only when necessary after an extensive design and planning process helps determine if an acquisition is required.

Vacations & Dispositions
Adjacent property owners may desire to purchase adjoining right-of-way. The term "vacation" means the complete or partial abandonment or termination of the public right to use a street, highway, or public service easement. ... Most commonly, applicants request a vacation to allow greater development freedom for their property.

The term "disposition" (when used concerning a property) refers to the act of transferring or relinquishing property to another's care or possession, usually by deed or will.

Properties for Sale
Learn more about properties for sale and bid opening dates. 

For additional information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

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