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Railroad Crossings & Quiet Zone

The City of Cedar Rapids has been studying and working towards implementing a train horn quiet zone along the 4th Street rail corridor through the downtown and NewBo areas for the last several years.

Project Description
The intent of this project is to establish a train horn quiet zone throughout downtown and NewBo. By establishing the quiet zone, this will significantly reduce the number of train horns that will sound throughout downtown and NewBo. To establish a quiet zone, safety upgrades to rail crossings need to be completed so they are in compliance with Federal Rail Administration guidelines.

These safety upgrades include:

  • two quadrant gates and flashers at a minimum, but may also include
  • four quadrant gate systems
  • the addition of medians
  • the closure of driveways that are near the tracks
  • additional safety devices specifically for pedestrians

Completed Crossings

  • 2nd Avenue SE
  • 3rd Avenue SE
  • 4th Avenue SE
  • 5th Avenue SE

Phasing Plan (2022-24)
The quiet zone through downtown and NewBo will consist of three individual quiet zones, and be established in three different phases as outlined below: 

Phase A

  • C Avenue NE to 5th Avenue SE
  • Construction: 2024
  • Quiet Zone Establishment: Spring 2025
Phase B

  • 6th Avenue SE to west of Cole Street
  • Construction: 2024 to 2026
  • Quiet Zone Establishment: Fall 2026
Phase C

  • 3rd Street SE to 2nd Street SW
  • Construction: 2024 to 2026
  • Quiet Zone Establishment: Fall 2026
Phasing Map
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