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Green Bike Lanes: Installation & Education
Iowa’s first permanent green bike lanes were installed in Cedar Rapids on September 25 on 3rd Street SE, at the intersection of 3rd Street and 3rd Avenue. Cedar Rapids was the first to demo green bike lanes in June, painting a 50 square feet green section on 3rd Avenue. This full installation will mark Iowa’s first green bike lanes.

The project was a collaborative effort between the City of Cedar Rapids, the Linn County Public Health Department’s Community Transformation Grant, and BikeCR.

Why Green Bike Lanes Matter
Clearly marked bike lanes increase safety for drivers and cyclists, and will provide an eye-catching bike lane designation in addition to the already existing white bike lane lines, bicycle symbols painted on lanes, and bike signage visible on traffic signals.

How They Work
Green bike lanes are installed 50 feet in advance of and after intersections to help highlight potential conflict areas, and encourage drivers making turns in the bike lane to be alert for people on bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bike Lanes:

Q: Can cars travel on the bike lanes?
A: Cars cannot use the green bike lane as a travel lane; the green lanes designate safe areas for cyclists. After yielding to bikes, drivers may use the green bike lane under the following maneuvers: when making a right-hand turn up to 50 feet from the intersection (approximately 2 parallel parking spaces); when they are pulling into driveways; or when they are crossing the bike lane to park. Buses can also temporarily move into the green bike lane when dropping off and picking up passengers.

Q: When will more bike lanes start appearing?
A: Additional green lanes 50 feet before and after the 3rd Street intersection will be added later this summer, to the north and south of 3rd Ave. Twenty feet of green paint and a dashed bike lane will span the intersection to maintain bike lane continuity. As you approach an intersection, dashed bike lane lines will indicate areas where a car may enter to make a turn.

Q: Will the paint be able to handle Midwest weather?
A: Yes. The green paint is a Durable Liquid Pavement Marking that includes Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and includes anti-skid additives. This skid-resistant, textured paint is the approved color by the Federal Highway Administration, and will not require maintenance for 4 – 5 years.

Q: How do green bike lanes increase safety for people on bikes?
A: Two-thirds of all bike/car conflicts occur at intersections. The bright green paint clearly calls attention to this area and encourages drivers to use extra caution. Green lanes also help organize traffic on the road, encouraging bicyclists to position themselves more accurately as they travel across intersections.

Q: What other cities are doing this?
A:Minneapolis, Lincoln, Austin, St. Louis, in addition to larger cities like Seattle and Chicago.

Q. What does the paint look like?
A: For photos of the demo installation, please visit our Facebook page.

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