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New Roundabout at Johnson Avenue and Wiley Blvd NW
As part of a road improvement project, a roundabout has recently been constructed at the intersection of Johnson Avenue and Wiley Blvd NW, adjacent to Hoover Elementary. The roundabout is a single-lane roundabout, and includes painted crosswalks, raised pedestrian splitter islands, and pedestrian beacons that flash when activated by a pushbutton.   

Driving a RoundaboutRendering depicting cars traveling counterclockwise through a roundabout

  1. Approach: Slow down. Yield to pedestrians.
  2. Enter: Yield to vehicles in the roundabout. Wait for a gap in traffic, and merge into traffic in a counterclockwise direction.
  3. Proceed: Continue through the roundabout until you reach your street. Never stop in the roundabout.
  4. Exit: Exit the roundabout to your right. Yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Download a simple rendering on How To Drive a Roundabout. 

School Safety

The roundabout at Johnson and Wiley in front of Hoover Elementary is a mini roundabout, and has been designed specifically with the school in mind:

  • Pedestrian-friendly, pushbutton system flashes when pedestrians are crossing
  • Crossing guards remain 
  • Pedestrians cross shorter distances
  • Pedestrians will only have to focus on one direction at a time
  • Refuge "island" for pedestrians to stand
  • Vehicles will be traveling at slower speeds than a traditional intersection
  • Pedestrians cross outside the circle 

Roundabout crosswalk rendering

Rendering above depicts typical single-lane roundabout with crosswalk.

Download Material

Short video snippet of the roundabout located at Johnson Avenue and Wiley Blvd NW. Video captured January 23, 2020 during the afternoon. The installation of the roundabout has reduced speeds and reduced the number of accidents at this intersection. 

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