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Public Works

Cottage Grove Avenue and Forest Drive SE

The Cottage Grove Avenue project stretches from 1st Avenue to Forest Drive SE and includes new pavement and utilities (curb, gutter, storm sewer to improve drainage), and a multi-use path on the north side. Initial concepts included a roundabout at the intersection of Cottage Grove and Forest Drive; however, the intersection will remain a four-way stop, as it is today.  

Project Timeline 

  • Project area: 1st Avenue - 34th Street SE
  • 2021: 1st Avenue - Forest Drive
  • 2022: Forest Drive - 34th Street (including the intersection of Forest Drive and Cottage Grove)
  • Current status: concept & public outreach phase; design plans have not yet been completed.
2021 Improvements | 1st Avenue - Forest Drive

  • Replace pavement
  • Two parallel sidewalks on the north side, to physically separate those walking from those riding a bike
  • Improve signals at 1st Avenue and Cottage Grove
  • Utility improvements (water and storm sewer) which will improve drainage 
Neighborhood Outreach

FAQs - Trees & Greenspace

Q: How does the project impact trees / greenspace?
A: Project engineers anticipate minimal tree impacts. Currently we do not anticipate removing any trees behind the sidewalk during the project. We also do not plan to remove the large white pine tree on the NW corner of the intersection. We have also removed plans to replace the sidewalk on the south side of the street to ensure tree roots are not impacted. We recognize that trees play a large role in shaping the aesthetics of a neighborhood, and never remove trees unless absolutely necessary. Additionally, the road width will narrow slightly, so we do not anticipate losing any greenspace along Cottage Grove Avenue.

FAQs - Sidewalk (Multi-use Path)

Q: Why is a multi-use path being considered on the north side of Cottage Grove?
A: Multi-use paths are safer for families and can accommodate a wide variety of users, including joggers, walkers, families with strollers, and people with disabilities. With a nearby high school cross-country team as well as a retirement community, a path provides a safe option for cyclists and pedestrians.

Q: How are we responding to concerns about bikes and pedestrians sharing a sidewalk?
A: The revised plan will include a multi-use path split into two parallel sidewalks to physically separate those walking from those riding a bike. 

Q: What does the Trails Master Plan outline for this area?
A: The Comprehensive Trails Master Plan outlines an off-street, multi-use path as the suggested trail/bike facility for this location. View the Trails Master Plan here

Misc. Questions 

Q: What will be the intersection treatment at Cottage Gove and Forest Drive?
A: The intersection of Cottage Grove Avenue and Forest Drive will remain a four-way stop, like it is today. Construction of the intersection is scheduled for 2022. 

Q: Will the width of the street change?

A: The road will narrow slightly, preserving greenspace and reducing construction impacts to adjacent property owners. 

Q: Will the on-street parking change?
A: On-street parking will be eliminated on the south side, with reduced on-street parking on the north side from nearly 40 spaces to less than 10. We eliminated spaces near driveways to improve sight-distance for drivers. 


Q: Further Questions?
A: Residents can contact us by emailing PavingforProgress@cedar-rapids.org
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