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Capital Improvement Projects
Construction Updates 

1st Avenue & CEMAR Trail
Construction Years: 2020-2021
Segment: 1st Avenue between 27th Street – 34th Street

During the 2020-2021 construction season, the final phase of the multi-year 1st Avenue project will be completed, which includes a significant CEMAR Trail component and pedestrian underpass. This is the final work associated with the 1st Avenue project, which saw a complete overhaul between 27th Street and 40th Street in 2014 – 2019. While the majority of pavement, utility (above ground and below ground), and pedestrian upgrades have already been completed, this final phase will complete improvements that were not addressed in previous years, as they were scheduled to occur at the same time as the CEMAR Trail work.

The 2020-2021 project will focus on the segment between 27th Street – 34th Street, and will include pavement reconstruction, utilities, trail, sidewalk, driveways, streetscaping, and traffic signal upgrades.

Major project components include:

2020 // 28th Street - 31st Street; west side of 31st Street - 34th Street

  • Extension of the CEMAR Trail: New trail will stretch from B Avenue at 29th Street NE, to the Cedar Rapids/Marion City Limits (near the Mount Calvary Cemetery)
  • Pedestrian underpass between 30th Street and 31st Street (view a map
  • Reconstruction of traffic signals at 27th Street, 29th Street, and 32nd Street
  • New northbound right turn lane on 1st Avenue at 29th Street

2021 // 27th Street - 28th Street; east side of 31st Street - 34th Street

  • 27th Street intersection realignment
  • Modifying on-street parallel parking at 3200 block (Irish Democrat):  including on-street ADA parking spaces, functional 6’ sidewalk, street trees, brick pavers, and paved area 

Traffic Impacts
1st Avenue will remain open to traffic throughout the project, but lane reductions will be in effect while work is underway, with periodic lane shifts. Temporary side street closures will also be required. Access to businesses will be maintained throughout construction.

Learn more: First Ave project

1st Avenue | 6th Street - 10th Street
Construction Years: 2020
Road and Streetscape Improvements

  • Partnership with the MedQuarter
  • Decorative brick & concrete parkway pavers
  • Tree planting beds with limestone
  • Decorative parking lot screening
  • Street light upgrading
  • Landscaping (shrubs, perennials) and benches
  • Asphalt, curb, and gutter repairs, sidewalk and ADA improvements
  • New or modified traffic signals at 7th St, 8th St, and 10th St
  • Establishing two northbound lanes on 8th Street for easier I-380 access
  • Lane reductions during construction
  • View Project Map

1st Avenue | 2nd Street - 5th Street
Construction Years: 2020
Trail and Pedestrian Improvements

  • Raised medians for pedestrian refuge
  • Flashers in advance of crosswalk
  • Flashing pedestrian signals at crosswalk that include ADA audible message, locator tones
  • Additional pushbuttons in center median for those crossing too late in the cycle
  • Decorative fencing, landscaping and parking restrictions to reduce unsafe mid-block pedestrian crossings
  • Trail and crosswalk move from the west side of the railroad tracks to the east side
  • Removal of in-road warning lights
  • Lane reductions during construction
  • View Project Map

Bowling Street SW from 50th Avenue to Wilson Avenue

  • Construction: August 2020 - Spring 2021
  • Traffic impacts: Lane closures; temporary closure of Bowling Street SW at the CRANDIC railroad crossing
  • Improvements: Pavement repairs; coordinate with the CRANDIC railroad to upgrade their railroad crossing between 49th Avenue Drive SW and 43rd Avenue SW. The railroad crossing will receive a new street crossing, new rail signal, and trail/sidewalk crossing upgrades. Bowling Street SW will be converted from four lanes (two lanes each direction) to three lanes (one lane each direction with a dedicated center turn lane).

Williams Boulevard and Dean Road SW Roundabout

  • Construction Year: 2020
  • The intersection of Williams Boulevard and Dean Road SW has a history of crashes resulting in serious injury. Roundabouts have been shown to significantly reduce speeds and reduce, or eliminate, the number and severity of crashes.
  • Learn more about the Williams and Dean project. 

Williams Boulevard SW

  • Between City Limits to 16th Avenue
  • Timeline: June 2020 - Fall 2020
  • Improvements: The project will repair and replace pavement, traffic signals, sidewalk ramps, and other infrastructure along Williams Boulevard SW, including the intersections at Wiley Boulevard, Westdale Drive, Wilson Avenue, Edgewood Road, and 16th Avenue. Closing sidewalk gaps is a pedestrian safety priority, and this project will construct sidewalk in the gaps on the north side of Williams Boulevard from Wiley Boulevard to 16th Avenue.
  • Traffic Impacts: Lane closures will take place during construction including temporary intersection closures at times. Night work is also scheduled to efficiently complete construction and lessen traffic impacts.

Edgewood Road Trail

  • Location: East side of Edgewood Road, stretching from Ellis Road NW to the Cedar River bridge.
  • 2020 Improvements: the multiuse pathway along the east side of Edgewood Road will be extended from Ellis Road to the Cedar River bridge 
  • Timeline: Spring 2020 – Fall 2020
  • Traffic Impacts: Periodic lane reductions on northbound Edgewood Road 
  • Completed Segments: The segment from O Avenue to Ellis Road NW was completed in 2019, which included traffic signal and sidewalk/ADA improvements for trail access

Cherokee Trail Phase II (2020)

  • Location (western trail segment): E Avenue NW, from the Morgan Creek Park entrance to Stoney Point Road; continues south from Stoney Point Road to Cherry Hill Park.
  • Improvements: Trail, pavement, and pedestrian/sidewalk upgrades. Part of multi-year trail improvements that will eventually stretch from Morgan Creek Park to the Cedar River.
  • Future Improvements (eastern trail segment): Trail will run from Sharon Lane near Eastview Drive and west through Jacolyn Park, Cedar Hill Park, and Cherokee Park to Midway Drive at Johnson Ave.

  • Area: H Avenue NE from Cedar Lake Loop Trail (west of Shaver Road) to Oakland Road
  • 6-foot wide sidewalks and on-street bike lanes
  • Construction: 2020
  • Improvements: In addition to the trail, the project also includes storm water drainage improvements, bike lanes, and ADA enhancements. The project is anticipated to be completed this construction season.
  • Other improvements planned for this area include new railroad crossing signals at the Canadian National Railroad crossing just east of I-380. This work will begin November 2020. Following these improvements, a final section of sidewalk on the south side of H Avenue at the railroad crossing will be completed next spring. 

Tower Terrace Road Phase 1
Area: C Avenue to Alburnett Road
Construction: Tentative 2021+
Open House Dec 16: Download the open house flyer
Improvements: A joint project with the City of Marion, the project stretches from C Avenue to Alburnett Road. Preliminary plans for the intersections and roadway extension include a roundabout at Tower Terrace Road and C Avenue, and at Tower Terrace Road & Barnsley Lane.  The project is still in the preliminary design phase, with the final design and construction schedule still being finalized based on the timing of funding. Construction on the first phase on the easterly end of the project would start no sooner than 2021.
Learn more: Tower Terrace project

Quite Zone
The City of Cedar Rapids has been studying and working towards implementing a train horn quite zone along the 4th Street rail corridor through the downtown and NewBo areas for the last several years. Learn more about this initiative. 

Recently Completed 

Collins Road - COMPLETED

Area: Collins Road NE, from just east of Northland Avenue to Twixt Town Road

Years of Construction: Spring 2018 – 2019 
Construction cost: $7.4 million, City-funded portion of the project is 24%
Improvements: Additional travel lanes, additional turn lanes, traffic signals with pedestrian push-buttons, stormwater management.
Learn more: Collins Road project

Downtown Two-Way Conversions - COMPLETED
In 2015, the City began converting one-way streets to two-way streets to make the downtown district easier to navigate, enhance opportunities for pedestrians and cyclists, and support the district’s ongoing economic development. Two-way streets have also been shown to reduce travel speeds and create an environment that is pedestrian friendly.
Learn more: Two-Way Conversions 

10th Street SE - COMPLETED
Area: 10th Street SE from 5th Avenue to 8th Avenue

Year of Construction: 2019
Construction Cost: $1.8 million
Improvements: Pavement reconstruction, ADA compliant sidewalks, on-street bike lanes, streetscape improvements meeting the goals of the MedQuarter Parkway Improvement Plan.
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