The Cedar Rapids Police Department provides crime statistics to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and also produces reports for Neighborhood Associations and the general public to learn more about criminal activity in our community.

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The Cedar Rapids Police Department has completed a preliminary analysis of crime statistics for calendar year 2020. 

Please find links below to two documents that provide statistics for the year.  The first document is entitled “Crime Reports 2020.”  On the first page of this document, Violent Crime and Property Crime statistics submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) are detailed.  The UCR provides state and national statistics about crimes. 

Calendar year 2020 was challenging in many respects for community members.  With the COVID-19 public health pandemic, economic conditions, and civil unrest, many big and medium-sized cities throughout the country saw increases in violent crime.  There were 415 violent crimes in 2020 (Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter, Sex Offenses, Forcible Rapes, Robberies, and Aggravated Assaults) which is the highest number of violent crimes since 448 violent crimes in 2008.

The remaining four pages of the “Crime Reports 2020” document include detailed information about violent and property crimes and include crimes against persons, crimes against property, crimes against community peace, drug-related crimes, alcohol-related crimes, weapons crimes, and all other crimes. 

Comparing the average number of violent crimes over the past 5 years, violent crime increased by 2.49 percent in 2019.  While robberies were down over 23 percent compared to the 5-year average, aggravated assaults increased over 17 percent and brought the overall violent crime incidents higher. 

The data indicates that much of the disparity within the major categories is due to the restrictions surrounding city, county, and state responses to COVID-19 and the general social environment.  Crimes largely committed where the offender commonly comes in contact with strangers (e.g., robbery, burglary, etc.) are the crimes that were generally lower.  Crimes largely committed where the offender commonly victimizes people within their close social circles (e.g., murder) or where the offender does not have to come into close contact with strangers (e.g., theft of motor vehicles) were higher.

The other document the Police Department is providing is “Critical Incidents,” or shots fired incidents.  

Cedar Rapids had 163 substantiated shots fired incidents in 2020, which is almost 60 percent higher than the four-year average.  There were 99 incidents in 2019, 117 incidents in 2018, 104 incidents in 2017, and 87 incidents in 2016.  Shots fired includes incidents in which a person was injured, property was damaged, shell casings were found, surveillance video evidence, or multiple witnesses corroborate.  The numbers do not include suicides or negligent discharges.

In 2020, there was a total of 44 incidents out of the 163 total in which a person was struck by gunfire (27 percent).  A total of 50 victims were identified in these incidents, including 40 victims wounded and 10 that were killed.  Over the past 5 years, there has been an average of 27 victims with the yearly shots fired incidents.  The Police Department’s clearance rate for shots fired incidents in which there is a victim struck by gunfire is 42 percent.  

The Police Department continues to employ a Gun Reduction Initiative in an effort remove guns from those who cannot legally possess them.  In total, the Police Department seized 184 guns in 2020.  The Police Community Action Team recovered 34 firearms in 2020.

2020 Crime Statistics Summary
Crime Reports 2020

Critical Incidents Shots Fired

2021 Crime Statistics

Crime Statistics (Year-to-Date through June 30, 2021)

Critical Incidents Shots Fired (Year-to-Date through June 30, 2021)

(Shots fired includes incidents in which a person was injured, property was damaged, shell casings were found, surveillance video evidence or multiple witnesses corroborate.  The numbers do not include suicides or accidental discharges.)



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