Have you ever wondered what is was really like to be a police officer?  Maybe you considered a career in law enforcement earlier in life, but ended up taking a different career path?  Maybe you are presently considering a career in law enforcement, but you're not sure it is what you really want?  Whatever the reason, you have an opportunity to experience first-hand what a career in law enforcement would be like by becoming a sworn peace officer as a member of the Cedar Rapids Police Reserve Unit.  Your uniform, weapons, and training are provided by the department-- All you need is the commitment of your time.

The Cedar Rapids Police Reserve Unit is a volunteer organization designed to assist the Cedar Rapids Police Department in the performance of their duties. By remaining a highly-trained, flexible, and motivated group, the reserve unit is able to augment the regular police staff at short notice whenever and wherever the need arises.

The Cedar Rapids Police Reserve Unit is not taking applications at this time.  

Duties of the Police Reserve Unit

The duties of Reserve Officers are quite diverse. Under the direction of the Cedar Rapids Police command staff, reserve officers provide the following services:

  • Augment the traffic and patrol shifts

  • River Patrol during the summer months

  • Traffic and crowd control for the 4th of July

  • Dignitary security

  • Correction officer assistance

  • Bicycle Patrol

  • Other services as required 

Current Reserve Members

The Cedar Rapids Police Reserve members come from all walks of life, including: engineers, pilots, maintenance personnel, architects, firefighters, teachers, managers, and students. All members have completed the Cedar Rapids Police Reserve academy training and keep current with annual basic skills training as required by the department. Many reserve officers have also received further specialized training in areas such as Tactical Flight Officer, corrections department,  river patrol, and bicycle patrol.

Training Requirements

Academy Training
Formal academy training is provided to the reserve recruits by the same instructors that teach the regular police academy. This includes training in defensive and pursuit driving, use-of-force continuum, and emergency first-aid identical to that received by regular officers. Many other topics are included in the 235 hours of training, which exceeds the requirements mandated by state law.

Street Experience
When a recruit completes their academy training, they begin working with more experienced Field Training Officers. A minimum of 96 hours must be completed in this manner before a recruit can work with a regular police officer. The standards exceed the requirements mandated by state law.

  • Written Application

    Each applicant must complete the approved departmental Reserve Officer Application.

  • Background Check

    A driver's license and criminal history check is completed for each applicant by Cedar Rapids Police personnel. Each applicant must complete a polygraph test. Any irregularities may be grounds for disqualification.

  • Written Examination 

  • Physical Agility Test

    Each applicant must pass the Cedar Rapids Police agility test.

  • MMPI Test 

  • Drug Testing

    Each applicant must pass a drug usage screening test.

  • Physical Examination

    Each applicant shall be examined by the city nurse for medical and vision irregularities.

  • Oral Interview

    Each applicant must pass an oral interview with the functional management team and reserve commanders. The recommendations of this interview board are forwarded to the Chief of Police.

  • Chief's Approval

    Each applicant must receive approval for employment from the Chief of Police.

  • Orientation

    All approved recruits may attend an orientation session before beginning the training cycle.

Selection criteria is subject to change by order of the Chief of Police.

Contact information:
Lt Charlie Fields Phone: 319-286-5481

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