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The Property and Evidence function of the Cedar Rapids Police Department is part of the Criminal Investigative Division.  Primary responsibilities include storing and maintaining property seized as evidence, turned over as found property, or held for safekeeping. Related responsibilities include submission of items to the DCI Criminalistics Lab for testing, coordinating with the County Attorney's Office when items are needed as evidence in court, and disposal of items that are unclaimed and no longer needed, as permitted by Iowa State Code.

Property Taken as Evidence 

Law enforcement officers may seize property to be used in prosecution of a criminal case. When the property is no longer needed as evidence, it can be returned to the person having the right of possession, unless possession of the property is illegal or there is a forfeiture action pending.  Notice will be sent to the last known address of the owner.  The owner must take possession of property within thirty (30) days of notification by the Cedar Rapids Police Department; failure to do so will deem the property abandoned and it will be disposed of in accordance with Iowa State Code.

Found Property

Found property turned in to the Cedar Rapids Police Department is maintained in accordance with Iowa State Code. The police department will attempt to contact the owner, if known. If the owner of the property is unknown, the property will be disposed of after a ninety (90) day holding period.

Towed / Impounded Vehicles

Owners and lien holders are notified about their impounded vehicles. Vehicles that remain unclaimed are disposed of pursuant to Iowa State Code. 

Owner request to release property to another individual.

If the owner is not eligible to possess a particular item, or for other reasons requests another person to take possession of their property held by the Cedar Rapids Police Department, the owner must complete the appropriate form in its entirety and submit it to the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

Property Owner Release General Property
Property Owner Release Vehicle
Property Owner Release Firearm

Contact information:

Property & Evidence
Phone: 319-286-5305 

Sgt. Michael Kern
Phone: 319-286-5679


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