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The Criminal Investigative Division includes the general areas of: Youth Services, Narcotics & Vice, and the Crime Scene Unit. Within those investigative areas are more specialized units that detectives and officers/investigators are assigned to such as: Property Crimes, Crimes Against Persons, Youth Services, Crime Analysis, Intelligence/Homeland Security, Narcotics & Vice, Crime Scene Unit, Property/Evidence/Tows.

Cold Case Unit
The Cedar Rapids Police is committed to identifying, arresting and prosecuting those individuals who have thus far eluded arrest for the crime of murder.

Financial Crimes
Financial Crimes Division's mission is to aggressively investigate and prosecute forgery and fraud related white-collar crimes, with the cooperation and assistance of prosecuting entities and in conjunction with the private sector.

Homeland Security
The Cedar Rapids Police Department is a member of the Iowa Law Enforcement Intelligence Network (LEIN) Region 3 Fusion Center, which in turn is a part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

Narcotics and Vice
The primary responsibility of the Narcotics and Vice Unit is the investigation and prosecution of drug and vice offenses that occur in the City of Cedar Rapids. This includes the possession and sale of illegal drugs as well as fraudulently obtained or misused prescription drugs, and prostitution and gambling.

Property and Evidence
The Cedar Rapids Police Evidence and Found/Lost Property unit is assigned to the Investigative Division.

Sex Crimes Unit
The Sex Crimes Unit investigates Adult Sexual Assault, Child Sexual Abuse, Miscellaneous Sex Crimes and Major Child Physical Abuse Cases.

Towed Vehicles
In 2017, there were 2,824 total vehicles towed; in 2018, there were 2,041 total vehicles towed; and in 2019, there were 1,857 total vehicles towed.  These numbers do not include no preference/owner requested tows.

Youth Services
Youth Services personnel investigate crimes where victims and/or offenders are juveniles.

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Investigative Division

Youth Services

The Cedar Rapids Criminal Investigative Division also is part of the Linn County TRIAD. TRIAD is a partnership of county and local law enforcement and other organizations/individuals involved with older adult issues of safety and well being. LEARN MORE

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