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The Cedar Rapids Police Department maintains a high level of professionalism with both sworn and non-sworn personnel. The Professional Standards Division ensures these standards are maintained.  The Division also functions as the "watchdog" and investigator for the Chief of Police.

The Professional Standards Commander's responsibilities include:

  • Fiscal Management and Agency Property - Oversees inventory and control of cash and property.
  • Disciplinary Procedures - Code of Conduct/Ethical perspective; Employee Recognition; Prohibition of workplace harassment; and Disciplinary System.
  • Internal Affairs - Complaint Investigation
  • Inspectional Services - Oversees line and staff inspections

Contact Information:
Lieutenant Denni Randall
Phone: 319-286-5471

Complaint Form

You may download and present the completed form to the Cedar Rapids Police Department, 505 1st Street SW, Cedar Rapids.  Alternatively, you may complete and submit the online complaint form below.

Personnel Complaint Form

To the complainant: 
It is essential that the entire community have confidence in its police department and the administration which supervises the exercise of authority.  This requires procedures for the adequate and expedient processing of allegations of misconduct by department members.

The administration recognizes that its department members are often subject to intense pressures in the discharge of their duties.  The department member must remain neutral under circumstances that are likely to generate tension, excitement and emotion.  In such situations, words, actions, and events frequently result in misunderstandings and confusion.  It is to the advantage of the department to have a staff unit for processing of the more serious allegations and the underlying circumstances so that complaints can be resolved, and the complicated pressures of police work can be carefully considered.

The Professional Standards Division has been established to serve the citizens of the community and department members with fair, impartial, expedient processing of complaints.

The complainant should be aware that a false complaint or any untrue allegation may be subject to criminal charges and/or civil recourse.

In the event you now wish to file formal charges and register your complaint, please submit this form.


Fields marked with an asterisk are required.  

*Date of Birth:   *Age:   Sex:     Race: 
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EMPLOYEE INFORMATION (Please complete with the name of the Police Department employee involved)

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Witness Name:   Sex:
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Witness Name:   Sex:
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*Date of Incident:   *Time of Incident:
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