The following are frequently asked questions in regards to SAFE-CR and housing.  The contents of these questions and answers are not intended to negate any standard operating procedures or directives.

Housing FAQs

How do uninspected and unlicensed landlords fall through our lists?
Similar to persons who drive without a driver’s license, landlords may not heed the requirements that they register for a Landlord Business permit or register their units for inspection. According to Chapter 29 Housing Code, persons who do not register may be fined up to $1,000 per month per rental unit for non-registration.
Can water from a basement be pumped out onto the lot that is adjacent to the property?
In an existing structure, water may be pumped out of a sump as long as the discharge is more than 10 feet from the sources property line AND it is not creating a nuisance after it leaves the property. For instance, water being discharged 10 feet away from the property line then runs down the sidewalk, creating mossy or icy conditions. This would not be allowed.
Where does revenue go from the registration fees of Rental Business Training?
The fees charged for the Rental Business Training go towards covering the administrative costs associated with the use of the facility and the costs of staff resources during the training programs.
Why do we have to come to training when we rent to family that is disabled/have health problems?
Many options were reviewed in deciding who would be required to take the training for a Landlord Business Permit. Ultimately it was decided that all persons who meet the criteria for rental property under Chapter 29 Housing Code should be treated equally.
If a lawsuit is filed regarding the legality of this mandatory class and the City loses, will our money be refunded?
The City of Cedar Rapids will comply with all judgments.
How long is a posting left on "unfit for occupancy" property before something is done to get it cleaned up or torn down?
Many factors come into play with properties that have been placarded as unfit for occupancy. The laws in the State of Iowa are very strict about a property owner having every possible option for repairing a property.  Unless the structure is an imminent threat of collapse, it is very difficult to get to get a property through a court proceeding that may result in a building being demolished.
If I have an inspection through Section 8, is a City inspection also required?
Section 8 and the City Housing program are set up through separate ordinances and have different requirements. Separate inspections are required.
My spouse and I are rental owners. Can we share a license or should I get my own?
Rental units held jointly can have both persons registered as owners. As long as there is a manager listed for that property who has been through the Rental Business Training, it can be either person or someone else entirely.
Am I considered a landlord if I own and rent 1 home?
Yes, even if you rent it to a family member.
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