A Police Volunteer Corps member fingerprints an individual who was a job applicant for a healthcare job.Fingerprinting Program Overview

UPDATE (March 17, 2020): Fingerprinting services are suspended until the potential threat of the COVID-19 national emergency has been mitigated.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department provides fingerprinting of civilians for adoptions, securities licenses, medical and bar examinations, and other required background checks.

The fingerprinting for use by the United States Immigration and Naturalization (INS) cannot be done and would not be accepted by INS.

You must bring a photo identification with you in order to obtain a fingerprint card.


The fee is $10 per card. We understand that some problems may exist in obtaining a classifiable set of fingerprints.  If the fingerprints obtained by our personnel are returned and not accepted, we will honor the receipt as payment for the follow up request for fingerprints.

Location and Times

Fingerprinting is done at the Cedar Rapids Police Station, 505 1st Street SW, on Thursday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to Noon on a first come - first served basis; no appointments are taken. Fingerprinting is done by personnel from the Crime Scene Unit and the Police Volunteer Corps. Although the department makes an effort to provide personnel to perform this service, it is subject to their availability. Officers' work at a crime scene investigation is their top priority.

Security Procedures

The Police Department has implemented a security screening program for the safety of the public and police department employees.  Individuals that come to the Police Station for fingerprinting will need to go through a metal detector prior to being taken to the appropriate location for fingerprints.  Please leave metal objects at home or in your vehicle to expedite the process. 

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