The  Financial Crimes Division's mission is to aggressively investigate and prosecute forgery and fraud related white-collar crimes with the cooperation and assistance of prosecuting entities and in conjunction with the private sector.  The Financial Crimes Division strives to take a strong leadership role in the investigation of white-collar crime through increased prevention, training, and liaison with the private sector and organized community groups.

The Financial Crimes Unit consists of officers who are highly trained in the investigation of financial crimes. These crimes include embezzlement, bank fraud, scams, credit card fraud, computer fraud, financial exploitation of the elderly/disabled, and other white-collar crimes.

True Name Check Prosecution Rules

The Linn County Attorney’s Office has stated that they will prosecute true name checks with the following limitations: No out-of-state checks and no two-party checks.  U.S. Treasury checks will be prosecuted by the U.S. Secret Service. 

Please refer to the True Name Check Prosecution Rules for mandatory prerequisites that must be met before any checks will be submitted for prosecution as well as the Certified Check Notice form needed.

Check or Credit Card Fraud

Check or credit card fraud is one of the most common financial crimes that is reported to the Police Department.  The Police Department recommends that you contact your financial institution or credit card company as soon as possible if you believe that your account has been compromised.  If you are an actual victim of a fraud, whether an individual or a business, please complete the following form and provide it to investigators at the Cedar Rapids Police Department, 505 1st Street SW. 

Check/Credit Card Fraud

Contact Information

For more information about the Financial Crimes Unit, please contact the Criminal Investigation Division at 319-286-5400.

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