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The Cedar Rapids 2020-2021 Urban Deer Hunt will be held from September 12, 2020 through January 10, 2021.  The City of Cedar Rapids is conducting its annual Urban Deer Hunt for the 2020-2021 season as authorized by Resolution No. 0762-09-07 (signed September 5, 2007). 

Please note the temporary changes for the 2020-2021 season due to COVID-19:

  • No orientation session will be held.  For this reason only hunters from the 2019-2020 season will be eligible for a permit.
  • All documents are to be scanned and submitted electronically to  If accommodations are needed call 319-286-5617.
  • Deer will be checked in at Palo Outdoors during regular business hours.
  • A copy of all permission slips must be scanned and sent to

Hunting permits are required and will be issued after successful completion of the following:

Below you will find the steps needed to receive a permit.  All documents must be scanned and submitted to  Accommodations will be made as necessary to process documents and issue permits.  If accommodations are needed please contact Training Chief Jason Andrews at 319-286-5617.  Only hunters that participated in the 2019-2020 hunt will be issued permits upon completion of the following

  • A state issued photo ID/Driver’s License.
  • A current Iowa hunting license with habitat fee paid or a lifetime hunting license.
  • A completed successful archery proficiency test.
  • A completed and signed Urban Bow hunt application.

The following are items that are required by the bow hunter to participate in the deer hunt; however these items do not need to be completed to receive a Cedar Rapids Urban Deer Management Permit: 

  • Deer tag(s) for the City of Cedar Rapids Urban Bow Hunt.
  • An area or multiple areas to bow hunt inside the corporate city limits of Cedar Rapids.
  • A completed land owner’s permission form.  One form is required for each address that the bow hunter hunts.

Contact Information
Training Chief Jason Andrews
Urban Deer Hunt Program Manager
Cedar Rapids Fire Department
713 1st Avenue SE
Cedar Rapids, IA  52401
Phone: 319-286-5617
Email: Urban Deer Hunt

Please note that City-owned property is currently NOT available for hunting.

Deer Hunt Zones:  City of Cedar Rapids Deer Hunt Zones Map  

Rules and Regulations: Urban Deer Management Program Rules and Regulations are available for review.  Those interested in participating in the Urban Deer Hunt should review and will be responsible for adhering to all rules to ensure safety and efficiency of the program.  Violation of any rules will result in disqualification from the hunt.  (Included in Application packet)

Landowner Authorization: Written permission from at least one landowner must be in the possession of the hunter and available for inspection by any DNR officer, law enforcement officer, or City of Cedar Rapids Hunt Administrator at all times that the hunter is involved in hunting activity within the City limits.   (Included in Application packet)

Landowner Looking for Hunters to Harvest Deer? City of Cedar Rapids land owners that are looking for hunters to harvest deer off of their property should contact the Urban Deer Hunt Program Manager.  Please include your name, address and telephone number.  Email: Landowner Deer Harvest Request 

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