Christmas Trees and Wreaths in Public Buildings

Real trees, wreaths, and garlands

  • Are prohibited unless they are completely flocked with a fire retardant flocking material, including the underside of the branches OR are located in areas protected by an approved automatic sprinkler system.
  • Electric lights used on trees shall be Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed.

 Metal (i.e. Aluminum) Trees

  • Do not use electric lights on metal trees. (Shock and electrical "short" hazard.)

Artificial trees:

  • Shall be Fire Retardant.
  • Lights used on trees shall be Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed.
  • Other decorations shall be fire retardant.

Extension cords

  • Are allowed provided they are not in aisles or under rugs
  • Shall be unplugged from the wall after each use
  • Shall not be used as a replacement for permanent wiring
  • Shall be a heavy duty, commercial type and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed.

General "Candle" Policy

  • Candelabras and/or single flame lighted candles shall be securely fastened in place to prevent overturning, and shall be located away from occupants using the area and away from possible contact with draperies, curtains, or other combustibles.
  • Candles used on the altars of churches need not be enclosed with "globe" or "chimney."
  • When candles are placed near people, draperies, curtains, table coverings, or other combustible materials, they must be protected with a globe or chimney.
  • Globes or chimneys must completely enclose the top of the candle. The flame must be far enough below the chimney opening that a single layer of tissue paper placed on top of the chimney will not ignite within ten (10) seconds. The globe or chimney must be firmly attached to candle base.
  • Candles held in a person's hands are especially dangerous and shall not be permitted. Battery operated simulated candles are available and may be used.

For more information, contact the Fire Marshal's Office at (319) 286-5166.

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