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ROW Tree Planting Permits for the ReLeaf Program

Residents must apply for a permit before planting trees in the City's Right of Way. For more information on planting and requirements, view this page.

  • Permit fees for tree plantings are waived for the ReLeaf program only.

Need a Right-of-Way Permit to Plant a ReLeaf Tree?

It's easy to get a permit application online through My CR.

Steps for Getting Started

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Sign Up" to create an account —or
    Click "Log In" if you've already created an account

Why do I need to create an account/sign in? Right-of-Way permits require personal details, including the applicant's contact information for follow-up and approval. My CR users are not able to apply for a permit without logging into the system.

Steps for Applying for a Tree Permit

  1. Once logged into My CR, scroll down and select the "Right-of-Way Permit" option on the home screen.
  2. Select the "Right-of-Way Permit Submittal" option.
  3. Follow the instructions below.

Permit Submittal Screens

  • Welcome Screen
    Read the information on this screen and click "Next."

  • Map Selection
    1) Locate your ROW location on the map by zooming in/scrolling/dragging the map, or by using the search tool. 2) Tap on the map in the approximate location of your tree planting. 3) You won't need to verify the Owner/Address, because the planting location will be in the Right of Way (not In the Parcel). If you are planting on private property, you don't need to apply for a tree planting permit. Click "Next."

  • Contact Details
    Fill out the application form.

  • Additional Details
    Under "Reason For Work" enter "ReLeaf Tree Planting in Right of Way."

  • Property Insurance Attachment
    Please upload a copy of your homeowners' declaration page or the first page of your homeowners' insurance policy. Then, press "Next."

  • Minor Exc Work Type
  1. Under "Is your work a minor excavation?" choose "Yes."
  2. Under "Minor Excavation Type" choose "Tree" 
  3. Under "Excavation Count" enter the number of trees you are planting (typically 1)
  4. Under "ReLeaf Program" choose "Yes." This will ensure your permit fee is waived by the ReLeaf Program.
  5. Click "Next."
  • Driveway Work Type
    If you are not performing work on your driveway, 1) Select "No." 2) Click "Next."

  • Utilities Work Type
    If your project does not include work on wet utilities (water, sewer), 1) Select "No." 2) Click "Next."

  • Dry Utility Work Type
    If your project does not include work on dry utilities (cable, internet, power, etc) 1) Select "No." 2) Click "Next."

  • Streets Work Type
    If your project does not include work in the street (usually with driveway work), 1) Select "No." 2) Click "Next."

  • Monitoring Well Soil Boring
    If your project does not include monitoring well (most projects will not), 1) Select "No." 2) Click "Next."

  • No Work Type
    Click "Next."

  • Additional Work Type
    1) Under "Will work be done in "select "ROW."
    2) Under Restoration of ROW, select who will be performing the work.
    3) Under "Will traffic be impacted?" think of how this project may impact traffic on your street — if traffic will be stopped or need to navigate around parked vehicles or trailers, choose "Yes." otherwise select "No." 
    4) Under "Will any work be done within 10' of a tree in the public right-of-way?" select "No." — Your tree cannot be planted within 10 feet of an existing Right-of-Way Tree.
    5) Under "If working within 15' of a sidewalk ramp…" select "No."  Your tree cannot be planted within 15 feet of a sidewalk ramp.

  • Additional Attachments
    Please upload a site map for where you will be planting. This may be as simple as a photo of a napkin drawing or a marked-up satellite image to help us understand the intended location of your tree planting. Then, click "Next."

  • Consent
    Read the acknowledgment. If you accept the Terms, select "Permit Consent" and click "Next."

  • Process Request
    If you are only applying for a tree planting permit, the payment due amount should read "0." If not, go back and select "Yes" on the "ReLeaf Program" question on the "Minor Exc Work" screen. Make sure to check the "Pay Bill Later" box on this screen. Then, click "Next."

  • Elavon Payment
    If a payment screen appears asking for your credit card information, please click "back" and make sure the payment due amount reads "0" and the "Pay Bill Later" box is checked. Then click "Next."

  • Done!
    You will receive multiple email notifications to update you on where you are in the application process. Please do not begin planting until you receive an email saying your permit has been issued.

Paying for your Permit

Under the ReLeaf program, payment is not required for Right-of-Way tree plantings. Please be sure to select ReLeaf Program > "Yes" on the "Minor Exc Work Type" screen to ensure you are not charged for this permit application.

Planting your Tree

You will receive notification via the contact email you provided in the permit application. You may not plant your tree before the issuance of your right-of-way permit. Please follow the guidelines from forestry when planting your tree. Thank you!

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