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Rezoning and Future Land Use
The purpose of zoning regulations is to guide land-use decisions that improve and protect the public health, safety, comfort, convenience, and general welfare of the residents of Cedar Rapids.  The City uses two documents to guide land use, the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 32) and the Comprehensive Plan, which contains the Future Land Use Map.  Changes to land use can be done through rezonings or future land use map amendments (FLUMA).

The purpose of the rezoning is to allow changes to the official zoning map and provide flexibility consistent with the community's goals.  Due to State law and public input requirements, rezonings generally take three months to process.  Click HERE for the application packet for a rezoning. There are several ways a rezoning can be processed. 

Rezoning with a Site Development Plan
An applicant may choose to submit a rezoning with a Site Development Plan if a specific use for the property has been identified. If the site plan is a Planned Unit Development (PUD), a preliminary PUD Plan can also be submitted. 

Rezoning without a Site Development Plan
If the requested rezoning for a zone district other than a PUD district, an applicant may submit a rezoning application without a Site Development Plan and wait to submit the Site Development Plan at the time a specific use is identified.  However, if staff or the City Planning Commission concludes that the potential impacts of development cannot be determined without review of a Site Development Plan, they may request that one be prepared.  If a Site Development Plan is requested and not prepared, the plan may be denied. 

Future Land Use Map Amendments
The Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan may be amended through the same procedure used to rezone a property, except approval of the amendment may be by resolution rather than an ordinance.  Rezoning of a property may not be processed simultaneously unless the Director of Community Development determines that the proposed amendment to the Future Land Use map is minor. Click HERE for the application packet for a Future Land Use Map Amendment process. 

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